Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PNTV, XBIT Recaps & More

The Players Network, Inc. PNTV

PNTV is a stock that we were talking about quite a bit late last year and in the beginning of 2017, and since then, the stock has made some really impressive moves.

In the span of one quarter, from March until June, the stock has risen from lows at .0232 to trade as high as .1315. That’s an incredible upswing of 466%

While many plays in the cannabis space have seen some unexpected difficulty this year, PNTV is not one of them. They recently announced progression on the joint venture they have going with MCIG on the construction of a Vegas-based grow facility.

Xbiotech, Inc. XBIT

We tagged XBIT in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and subsequently bore witness to a solid early-morning pop. The stock ran from 3.75 to 5.61 right from the starting the gate, banging out a solid 51% pop inside of the first hour of trading.

We also have to remember that in XBIT, we have a stock that was trading just a hair shy of $20 as recently as March. We’ll have to be on the lookout in the event that the recent rebound mounted by the stock is just a foreshadowing of an even larger recovery.

Ability, Inc. ABIL

We’ve been mentioning ABIL each day since last Wednesday, and it turned out to be a really nice bottom-bouncer.

We’ve thus far witnessed two definitive swings from ABIL; initially from.6298-1.69 for a 168% run, and then a dip to .90 followed by a run back to 1.60 in premarket trading today. That added another 78% swing to what we’ve observed in ABIL.

We’d like to see it set a higher low, holding the 1.15-1.25 range on any pullbacks in order to remain interested.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Chatroom Call, SPU Update & More

Another Great Chatroom Call

We’ve been advocating for our daily live trader’s chats pretty heavily lately, and this morning we’ve got yet another example of why. We compile and publish our daily reports every morning between 15-30 minutes prior to the opening bell. We still manage to find great opportunities in the premarket, but sometimes the real movers don’t reveal themselves until regular trading commences. That’s where the chatroom comes in, giving us and our participants the chance to ID solid plays on the fly.

BLDV was one such play, which, subsequent to our chatter’s mention, went on a run from .0005-.0017 for a fantastic intraday rip of 240%

Our chats are open to any of our subscribers who wish to participate, or merely observe, and are conducted exclusively via Skype. Send a contact request to username ‘stocksumo‘ and get involved today! 

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. SPU

We signaled SPU on Monday morning after noticing that it was searching for a bottom. We were mentioning as much in yesterday’s report , along with the fact that our bottom call had been sharp, after the stock bounced off of the 2.30 mark and began to climb 45% to 3.3299.

We also noted that SPU still had a monster gap on the chart to the upside, and for the second straight session the stock hit a new high. It traded in a range from 2.72 to 4.33, which goes down as an intraday move of 59%  From the previous day’s low, it marked a two-session upswing of 88% which occurred on 21X the monthly average volume.

SPU has already been a great bottom bounce call for us, but with the kind of momentum that’s currently present, we’ll continue to watch for it to register higher highs, and higher lows over coming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NUGN Recap, New Watchlist & More

NuGene International, Inc. NUGN

We entered NUGN into the mix on Friday as one to put on bottom-watch, and it instantly became the latest in a string of perfectly timed rebound plays. After taking an absolute beating during Thursday’s session, wherein the PPS decreased by roughly 40%, the stock displayed an absolute turnaround.

From its open at 2.65, NUGN made a very respectable 26% intraday move on relatively heavy volume, hitting 3.33 shortly after noon. It maintained the majority of those gains into the close (3.10), so we’ll be on the lookout for possible momentum carryover.

We’ve identified some of the key aspects of the NUGN chart here:

Adding to Our Radar:

We’ve got a few stocks we want to put on a speculative watch for various reasons as we kick things off this week:

Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW – This fresh news play is the first that we want to enter as a possible new item of interest. The stock is trading massive premarket volume as the company published an interesting PR this morning. Take a look>> READ PR  

Trucept, Inc. TREP – This is a thinly-traded subpenny stock that is unusual due to its revenue-producing status. The company published its Q1 2015 financials this morning, so we want to tag this play for observation. An influx of volume could send TREP on a ride.

Indo Global Exchanges Pte Ltd. IGEX - This is a super-sub-penny momentum play for which we’ll want to reserve a spot on our watchlists. It’s began to trade up off of a relative bottom on Friday so we’ll be on the lookout for the possibility of some of that activity to spilling over into this week.

Enertopia Corp. ENRT – This is a stock that has been the subject of recent promotion. We’ve never mentioned it ourselves, but we want to put it on the radar today as it is coming off of quite a thrashing on Friday. There’s a chance it could present itself as a rebound play upon finding support.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoes Stocks: CAMT, GWPH & More

Camtek, Ltd. CAMT
Hidden gems are quite often found in our daily Extended Watchlists, and yesterday CAMT was the standout play. The stock had a monstrously strong trading day, bulling its way continuously upward for the duration.

The landmark session started at a morning low of 3.42, and culminated at a high of 5.14 just minutes prior to the close. That solid move was enough to afford traders up to 50% in intraday gains, and it occurred on volume which was 40-times greater than the 3-month average.

The commotion was caused following an announcement that CAMT has launched its next-gen semiconductor product line, and apparently has already received advance orders from some unnamed “leading device manufacturers”. >>>Read the full PR here.

GW Pharmaceuticals, Inc. GWPH

The last time GWPH appeared in our reports was back on June 23rd. We were hailing it as being among our most successful plays of the year, as our prior tracking of the options chain had led to chances at gains amounting to more than 3000%

We pointed to a revitalization of the cannabis sector as one of our other primary reasons for being interested in GWPH, and the action of the stock in the couple of weeks since then proved that our assessment was warranted. Following a low of $88.73, we witnessed a subsequent 26% run to 111.46.

Over the past three sessions, GWPH has tapered back to fill a gap on the chart (as we point out below) so we are once again placing the stock on watch, to find support here, and potentially bounce back up over the $100-mark.

Once we see a solid level of support established and GWPH begins to rebound, then we’ll be able to adjust our options-trading strategies accordingly.

Extended Watchlist:

SING, USEI, AEGY & Extended Watchlist

Singlepoint, Inc. SING

SING was an unbelievable gainer for us yesterday, so much so that we felt the need to send out an afternoon alert just to make sure everyone was paying attention. After briefly touching .0195 just after the open, the stock went into beast-mode and rampaged its way into the close at its high of day, .084, a 331% intraday move on roughly 12x its 3mo. average volume.

At the time of our afternoon update (2:30pm) the stock was trading at .044, so even those who missed the morning report could have still made gains of up to 91%

We want to point out another aspect of SING’s performance that serves as a good lesson: In yesterday morning’s report we stated: “Indeed we are seeing the gap-up that we expected, this morning pre-market trades have gone off as high as a nickel. After such a huge spike, we wouldn’t be looking to jump in head-first, as a dip-and-rip scenario is exceedingly common in these situations.”

We hope that many of you caught this tidbit, because SING then executed a textbook dip-and-rip, coming down off of a nickel to touch that low of day at .0195 before taking off into the stratosphere. Congratulations to anyone who adeptly played this monster of a play. It was a great way to kick off another exciting week of OTC trading.

US Energy Initiatives Corp. USEI

Speaking of monster gainers, USEI is the other major reason why we hope folks caught our afternoon update yesterday. Our alert couldn’t have been timed much better; the stock was trading at .0027 when we published our report at 2:30pm, just before it would explode to hit a high of .0064 (A possible gain of 137%) and close just a couple of ticks below at .0062 on over 20x its average volume.

The stock traded roughly 80% of its 500M float, meaning the supply of freely-traded stock on the Street is dwindling, a scenario that could produce even more large gains as we go forward.

Remember, this company just announced its entry into the Cannabis Sector yesterday, so we’ll be monitoring this stock alongside all of the other pot plays we’ve been tracking.

Alternative Energy Partners, Inc. AEGY

AEGY was another one that appeared in yesterday’s reports and  afforded traders the chance at sizable profits, as it too played out a dip-and-rip from .0082 to .0119, a 45% move. The main difference between this and the aforementioned stocks, is that we have been following AEGY closely since the beginning last week, when the stock was trading at a low of .0036.

From our initial alert price, AEGY’s high yesterday represented a one-week increase of 231%

AEGY just underwent a Golden Cross on its chart, which will make it one story to follow closely as the week progresses.

Extended Watchlist: