Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Recaps, Fresh Ideas & More

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. CMG 

Our extreme success on the options front continues. We cited the CMG chart setup as the reason for wanting to have our eye on the CMG Weekly $297.50-305 Calls yesterday morning, and were very pleased with the intraday performance we witnessed. It also didn’t hurt that the founder stepped down to make room for a new CEO, which went over well with the investment community.

Regardless of which strike price was chosen, there were some serious multi-bag single-session gains there for the taking:

$297.50 Calls – Range: 1.50-8.10 – Max Gain: 440%
$300 Calls – Range: 1.15-6.50 – Max Gain: 465%
$302.50 Calls – Range: .77-5.00 – Max Gain: 549%
$305 Calls – Range: .54-3.83 – Max Gain: 609%


Fresh Idea:

The Kroger Co. KR – We want to signal some options to watch for Kroger as well after the company tidily topped 3Q forecasts with this morning’s earnings report. We’re going to be looking to the KR Weekly 25.50-27.50 Calls to try to take advantage of the conditions. We’re also anxious to listen in on the conference call slated for later this morning.

Crypto Recaps

Whatever you refer to it as, virtual currency, digital currency, or cryptocurrency, the rise of Bitcoin has fueled a hugely popular market sector, and caused many small companies to shift focus to attempt to capitalize on what has become pure hysteria.  Bitcoin breached $11,300 yesterday, and as a result, some of the BTC-related plays we’ve tagged have enjoyed really nice moves on the chart.

Integrated Ventures, Inc. INTV – Having recently lauched its bitcoin mining efforts, INTV is a stock that we slated for observation in our watchlist yesterday morning. The stock responded with a solid run from .551 to .97, marking an intraday pop of 76% on more than ten times its monthly average volume.

Peer to Peer Network PTOP – This one appeared in our watchlist earlier this month on the 7th. We came early to the party on this one, but with Bitcoin setting its new all-time high once again yesterday, it woke up in a big way. That included a serious intraday move of 1780% as PTOP traded from a low of .0005-.0094. It represented the stock’s highest price in three years, and a new all time record high volume, with over 400 million shares changing hands on the day.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Recap of NHMD & More

Nate’s Food Co. NHMD

First up today is a recap of NHMD, a stock that we’ve been continuously tracking since February, and one that has brought us multiple chances to profit. We revisited it in March after witnessing a consolidation to our observed low of .0012. It has since rocketed to new highs, breaking through its 200DMA and running to .014 yesterday. That marked an impressive run of 1066% over a span of less than two months!

We’ll be anxious to observe to followup activity to that huge spike. Ideally, we’ll see NHMD hold support at or above its 200DMA of .0115 on any pullbacks.

Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc. CLF

CLF was included in yesterday’s report after noticing a number of bullish indicators forming on the chart. It’s going to remain on our radar after the stock responded with a subdued but respectable performance on the day, as well as gapping up further in the premarket today.

So far we’ve only seen a 12% rise from this play, but will still be observing closely moving forward as it just cracked the 50DMA in a bullish manner, in addition to recently receiving an analyst upgrade as well as exhibiting significantly heightened volume.

New York & Company, Inc. NWY – Update

We wanted to take a minute this morning to update our readers on a recent bottom-watch call we made, and reiterate our interest in tracking its activity over an extended term.

We called attention to NWY in our premarket report from a week ago today, and while it has yet to really blast off, our timing in pointing out the bottom was about as good as it could have been. It has managed to establish higher lows in each of the four sessions since then, despite only seeing a marginal trading range of 11%

The stock remains heavily oversold, and as such will continue to have a slot of our watchlist moving forward on the chance that a more significant rebound is in the cards.

Extended Watchlist:

BOSC, PSUN, ETAK, TGRO & Extended Watchlist

BOS Better Online Solutions Ltd. BOSC

Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. PSUN

& Elephant Talk Communications, Inc. ETAK

Each of these three stocks traded up on unusually high volume on Friday after appearing in our Extended Watchlist, and wrapped up what was a very successful week of trading.

BOSC tapered back from opening above 9.00, and found its bottom at 7.9001. The stock then proceeded to rebound, bouncing back as high 8.80 for a nice 11% intraday gain on more than 10X the 3mo. average volume.

PSUN increased steadily all day on Friday, running from 2.92 to 3.44, good for a gain of 18% on roughly six times the 3mo. average volume.

ETAK saw a low of 1.01 on Friday, and enjoyed a respectable 17% gain to a high of 1.18, besting its average volume by more than 4X.

Tiger Oil & Energy, Inc. TGRO

We caught TGRO on a scan for plays with unusual activity, and thought we’d mention it this morning. This is a stock that was trading by appointment only for quite some time, that has sprung to life all of the sudden.

This comes shortly after a recent press release citing a proposed partnership with Toto Energy, LLC, wherein the two companies would undertake a joint venture of drilling up to three gas wells, in which TGRO would have a 30% interest. >>>More on the Joint Venture

Extended Watchlist:
RDCM, ADXS, UQM, HEB, ROSG, YRCW, GERN, BIEL (Coming off bottom with news)

PLUG, BLDP, MACK & Extended Watchlist

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

We had a feeling that PLUG was going to continue its run yesterday, as stated in our daily report, and once again our instincts served us well. The momentum built up in this stock on Wednesday as it made a 23% move to close out the session on more than 6x the 3mo. average volume was impossible to ignore.

After opening at the key resistance point we outlined (1.45) PLUG briefly dipped to 1.43 and then barreled upward as it touched a high of 1.96, an intraday gain of 37% on roughly 14x the average volume. The momentum continued to build in PLUG and we continued to follow along closely. Remember, our coverage of this play goes back a long way, since the stock was trading in the .11-range.

This morning, the stock is gapping up above 2.00. The current pre-market high of 2.19 represents a gain of 1804% from the low following our first ever PLUG alert back on Feb 28th. The gain from our recent re-alert at a low of 1.04, at this morning’s high, stands at 111%

PLUG has certainly surpassed any expectations we had for it, and as you can see on the chart below, it appears currently overbought, which means the time to take profits off of the table is fast approaching. For newcomers, we believe the best action would be to patiently await a dip, and subsequent rebound, as has occurred several times this year.

Ballard Power Systems, Inc. BLDP

BLDP appeared on our extended watchlist on Wednesday, at which time the stock was trading at a low of 1.34. This morning, we are witnessing a gap-up on a PR that hit the wire post-market yesterday, with trades currently going off in the 1.80-range. We’ll want to keep an eye on the activity here as we close out the week, so we’re reserving a spot on our tickers for BLDP.

VANCOUVER, Dec. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP)(TSX: BLD) has announced the signing of a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Van Hool NV, Europe’s fourth largest bus manufacturer, in support of the manufacture and further deployment of zero emission fuel cell buses.>>>FULL STORY

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MACK

MACK is another play we’ve been tracking recently, mentioning it for the first time on November 8th, when it was trading as low as 2.40. Like the previous play, MACK is gapping up this morning to the tune of more than 100% with shares changing hands for more than 4.80.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MACK) today announced that Phase 1 data evaluating safety of the novel agent MM-302 in patients with advanced HER2-positive breast cancer will be presented at the 2013 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS), December 10-14, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas.  >>> FULL STORY

Extended Watchlist:

AAPL, DUSS, ZOOM, ILST & Extended Watchlist

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options

In Friday’s daily report, we were focusing in on AAPL options. We were watching the $550 Weekly Calls, which dipped as low as .66 before running as high as 8.35, a remarkable intraday move of 1165% They would close the session strong at 6.50. We had also added the $555’s to our radar. Those were as cheap as a nickle, and ran as high as 3.35, for an astonishing 6600% rip. You didn’t read that wrong. We said six-thousand, six hundred percent! Even the $560 Calls (that we mentioned would be a target provided AAPL broke through the $557-mark) traded in a vast range from .03 up to 1.51 (+4933%).

AAPL Options were certainly a trader’s paradise on Friday, so congratulations to anyone who caught our morning report and was able to get in on the incredible action! We’re looking for the upward momentum we saw in AAPL to continue into this week, and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see AAPL at, near, or above $600 by the end of 2013.

Dussault Apparel, Inc. DUSS

We mentioned Friday that if DUSS hold support above the .0007 area that we would remain interested in the stock. It managed to do more than that, trading in a daily range from .0008-.001, giving traders the chance at up to a 25% intraday gain.

We’re tracking DUSS following an announcement that the company would be shifting focus to the mining sector by acquiring some mineral claims, and so we’re going to want to follow that story to its conclusion. The claims, referred to as  “Montauban Gold Tailings” could mean a significant revenue stream for the company if they begin producing gold. While it’s still quite early in this developing storyline, it’s worth keeping an eye on moving forward.

Zoom Technologies, Inc. ZOOM

ZOOM came off of our watchlist on Friday and turned out to be quite an aptly-named stock. It zoomed upward from a low of 5.96, and afforded folks the chance at up to 39% in intraday gains as it touched a high of 8.30.

This comes on the heels of Friday’s announcement that the company had entered into a letter of intent to possibly acquire Baifen Tonglian IT Co., Ltd. which is one of China’s leading mobile ad services providers.

International Star, Inc.  ILST

ILST was another play from our radar on Friday, and it played out a classic dip-and-rip scenario during the day’s session. After touching a low of .002, the stock would rally to close at its high of day at .0028. That was good for an intraday opportunity at a gain of 40%

Extended Watchlist: