Blue Horseshoe Stocks: INFI Review & More

Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. INFI

The stock with the most notable performance from yesterday morning’s watchlist was definitely INFI, which began trending up in the premarket, and continued its climb throughout the entire session.

The stock traded up from a low of 2.44 to 3.75, which works out to an intraday rise of 54% and it came on roughly 38X its monthly average volume. An early pullback from profit taking this morning would be a likely scenario, but if INFI can find support at a higher point than yesterday’s low, from

AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ACRX

After the FDA’s rejecion of the company’s ‘Dsuvia” opioid painkiller, ACRX took a monstrous pounding yesterday down to its lowest price in three months.

As you can see on the chart, it fell all the way down to an area of support it had established back in July. We’ll be interested to monitor this play for a bottom, which could come at any time. Moves generated by FDA news, whether positive or negative, tend to be over-exaggerated and are almost always followed by a course correction.

Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corp ITEK

Here we have an example of being extremely ‘early to the party’ as we sometimes say. We alerted on ITEK back in July, after which point it saw a low of .89. It mostly traded sideways throughout the remainder of the summer, but recently began quite an impressive climb.

This morning, the stock hit news highs of 4.15 in premarket trading on news of a proposed merger with a clinical stage gene therapy company. It may have took a few months to realize, but it works out to an increase of 366%

For an added angle going forward, we’ll also signal the ITEK 10/20 $2.50 Calls for possible daytrades and/or swing trades into next week, and the 11/17 $2.50 & $5.00 Calls for a longer term idea.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review & More

Options Review – Yesterday’s Big Winners
For some of our readers that may not have previously understood why we like to mix options-trading ideas in with our equities ideas, yesterday’s session served as an excellent example. All three of the stocks whose options chains we were tracking provided folks with substantial opportunities for lucrative daytrades. Here’s a breakdown:

Ford Motor Co. (F) - On the heels of the revelation that Ford had set revenue records and beat earning expectations for Q2, we saw the chance to leverage the resultant action on the chart to our great advantage. The range of contracts that we flagged for observation was the F Weekly $14.50 and $15 Calls. As the $15′s fell just shy of being pushed into the money, the main thrust of the action was in the $14.50′s. Those contracts went big, with a surge from a low of .18 all the way up to .42; an intraday spike of 133% We’ll be on the lookout for potential dip-and-rip scenarios in Ford to create the possibility of further opportunities as the week wears on.

Pfizer, Inc. PFE – it was also a beat on earnings that propelled our PFE ideas to substantial intraday gains. Our specific area of interest were the PFE Weekly $34.50 and $35 Calls. The $34.50′s made an impressive move from .26-.88 for total possible gains of 238% and the $35′s really performed with a monster 410% run from .10-.51!


Baidu, Inc. BIDU – In a departure from our standard options M.O., we identified a chance to play some Puts as BIDU was taking an absolute shellacking after its own earnings missed the mark. The downfall continued throughout the session, and fueled the success of our observed contracts, which were the BIDU Weekly Puts in the $180-175 Range. The trading ranges and maximum gains on all three sets of contracts were as follows:

$180 Calls - Daily Range: 8.00-18.05 – Max Gain: 126%
$177.50 Calls - Daily Range: 5.20- 14.90 – Max Gain: 187%
$175 Calls - Daily Range: 3.88-13.10 – Max Gain: 238%



Cheers to any of our readers who were able to parlay those ideas into some solid intraday profits. We’ve got some fresh ideas to monitor during today’s session as well:

Twitter, Inc. TWTR Weekly $34-32 Puts

Micron Technologies, Inc. MU Weekly $19-20.50 Calls

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We also want to make a quick note of the PZOO news that hit wires right at market open yesterday. The storyline we’ve been continuously following with Pazoo regarding the company’s foray into the medical marijuana testing business received a significant update.

Pazoo subsidiary, Harris Lee, LLC has signed an agreement that will facilitate the takeover of an operational testing facility in Colorado, be sure to check out the PR below:

WHIPPANY, N.J., July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Pazoo, Inc. (OTCPink Symbol: PZOO) is pleased to announce that wholly-owned subsidiary Harris Lee, LLC has signed a sublicense, and loan agreement with Harris Lee Colorado, LLC (HLC). These agreements now allow HLC to meet the in state residency requirement and provide for the necessary funding to take over the testing lab, expand the marketing and employment base and begin the expansion of the operations.

All agreements will be forwarded on to the Colorado MED for review. A small redesign of the layout of the laboratory will be undertaken to increase the efficiency and functionality of the facility. Over the past 2 months the Pazoo team has made contact with numerous growers and has gotten firm commitments from these growers to test with HLC once the State review is complete. >> FULL PR

Extended Watchlist:

HEMP, MJNA, CBIS, XCHC & Extended Watchlist

We’re continuing our medical marijuana coverage this morning, after the cannabis related stocks we mentioned on Friday each turned in a fine performance. We had a sizable influx of new subscribers over the weekend, so we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new friends and thank you for your support. You made a great choice when you signed up, and we will do our best to ensure that you are able to reap the rewards.

Each of the following stocks appeared on Friday’s report, and subsequently had a good session on Friday, but our coverage of these plays began way back in the fall, and in that time, have been very impressed with the results. Just look at the gains we’ve made from these cannabis stocks:

Medical Marijuana, Inc. MJNA

MJNA has traded in a range from .071 to .35 since we began following the stock, giving us the chance to rake in over 390% in profits.

Hemp, Inc. HEMP

HEMP took a mere four sessions following our original call to run from .027-.09 this fall, and more recently saw a low of .0222 (Jan. 7th) before hitting a high of .051 on Friday, for an opportunity at another 130%

Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

In the time since we first talked about CBIS, we’ve observed a range of .04-.099 (+148%).  Last week, CBIS was as low as .048 before hitting a high of .0749 on Friday for an added 56% in gains.

X-Change Corporation XCHC

XCHC is the newest among these to appear in our reports, and also had a killer week. It promptly gained 178% from .0521-.145 after we added it to our list of marijuana stocks last Monday.

Other stocks we’ve recently covered in this rapidly expanding field which have also made tremendous gains for us include: GRNH, ERBB, MWIP & PHOT. We’ve definitely gone over many of the most popular hemp plays on the OTC Markets, however, we’ve managed to root out a couple new ones to add to the mix. Allow us to also submit LATF and TRTC for your consideration. That brings our tracking list up to 10 stocks in one of the hottest, most cutting-edge market sectors of our time. For those of you who are indeed new to our mailing lists, you showed up during one of the most exciting periods in our more than ten years reporting on hot penny stocks.  

Extended Watchlist:

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