Recapping Runners, Fresh Ideas

VZIO Options Produce Instant Results:

Despite the fact that our three options ideas in yesterday’s premarket report were geared toward being longer-term plays to monitor over the next few weeks, in the case of VZIO, we witnessed prompt results as the daily activity provided for a very respectable intraday move for our tracked contracts.

Those were the VZIO 01/21 $19-20 Calls, which produced the following moves on our first day of observation. We will of course continue to monitor it and the other January Calls we signaled yesterday morning.

VZIO 01/21 $19-20 Calls
$19: .88-1.35 (+53%)
$20: .70-.90 (+29%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
JBL Weekly $60-65 Calls
ACN Weekly $405-415 Calls

Icoa, Inc. ICOA – Recap:

We also wanted to provide a brief update on ICOA, which is a stock that we included in our watchlist on Tuesday morning. In that two-session span, it has recorded a solid upswing, trading from a low of .0073 on Tuesday, and reaching as high as .0133 yesterday.

That works out to an overall increase of 82% and with the signs of momentum buildup in this play over the last several sessions, we’re going to want to continue to keep an eye peeled as we head into the end of the week.

Extended Watchlist: