Even More Thousand Percent Gainers, Fresh Ideas

Options Recaps: 

Our regular readers are well aware of how seldom we have a rough day with regard to our options ideas, but we suppose we could class the start to the week yesterday as one of those times, with just one of our sets of ideas making notable moves on the day. However, a couple of the longer-term calls we formulated last week did bear considerable fruit, one of which posted percentage gains of over 1100%

So the reviews we will present now are the successful play from yesterday morning in the ON Weekly $52-54 Calls, as well as the PHG 05/20 $30-25 Puts and SHW 05/20 $260-270 Calls from last Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Here are the overall moves and total possible gains from all of those targets:

ON Weekly $52-54 Calls 
$52: 2.00-4.04(+102%)
$53: 1.50-3.50 (+133%)
$54: 1.00-2.75 (+175%)

PHG 05/20 $30-25 Puts
 1.30-4.50 (+246%)
$25: .25-1.25 (+400%)

SHW 05/20 $260-270 Calls
 3.30-24.40 (+639%)
$270: 1.39-16.86 (+1133%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BP Weekly $28.50-30 Calls
EL 05/20 $250-230 Puts
DVN Weekly $58-60 Calls
SPY 05/04 $414-416 Calls

Sysorex, Inc. SYSX – Recap:

We just updated our readers on the performance of SYSX in yesterday’s report, but with the excellent new highs set by the stock during the session, it’s necessary for us to recap it once again. Another Idea from last Monday morning, it officially pushed into thousand percent territory, and then some!

Initial Alert: Apr. 25th
Range: .0046-.078
Gained: +1596%

Extended Watchlist: