Black Friday Options Ideas & More

Clean Sweep on Options Plays:

We have really been lighting up the board with some fantastic options ideas of late, with a VAST majority of the targets we formulate on a daily basis yielding super intraday opportunities. Wednesday morning’s report prior to the Thanksgiving break was certainly no exception to that pattern. We offered up three possibilities for the day, and witnessed multibag moves in every last one.

Our targets were the DE Weekly $352.50-360 Calls, the FUTU Weekly $54-57 Calls, and the HPQ Weekly $33-35 Calls, and once again, there were huge profit chances across the board. Here are the total possible intraday profits that could have been banked off of those ideas.

DE Weekly $352.50-360 Calls
 8.00-21.10 (+164%)
$355: 5.53-19.50 (+253%)
$357.50: 4.40-17.00 (+286%)
$360: 3.03-15.00 (+395%)

FUTU Weekly $54-57 Calls
 .96-3.30 (+243%)
$55: .78-2.60 (+233%)
$56: .55-2.08 (+278%)
$57: .34-1.65 (+385%)

HPQ Weekly $33-35 Calls 
$33: 1.32-3.14 (+138%)
$34: .62-2.30 (+271%)
$35: .28-1.50 (+436%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 11/26 $463-464 Calls*
MRNA 12/03 $320-325 Calls

*Please note that today is a half day for the markets, so these calls will expire at 1PM instead of 4PM, adding to the potential risk. Trades like these should only ever be considered by those with significant experience in options daytrading. 

Solid Stock Moves: 

A few other plays that we’ve been tracking this week have made some nice moves for us on the stock side of things as well.

We first tagged ISPC on Monday morning and it made a nice move that we outlined in Wednesday’s report. On Wednesday, it pulled back before ripping to new highs. We signaled PUGE and BFRI on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, and those also put forth some good moves.

iSpecimen, Inc. ISPC 
Alert: November 22nd
Range: 9.01-19.13
Gained: +112%

Puget Technologies, Inc. PUGE
Alert: November 23rd
Range: .0065-.0111
Gained: +71%

Biofrontera Inc. BFRI
Alert: November 24th
Range: 4.60-7.98
Gained: +73%

Extended Watchlist: