Reviewing Friday’s Winners, Fresh Plays

Recapping Friday’s Runners: 

As our regular readers should know, we focus a lot on quick-strike trading ideas for the SPY, and in typical fashion, we played the SPY successfully quite a bit last week. We hashed out some fresh single-session ideas for it on Friday morning in our premarket report, along with some calls for this week in the WDFC chain.

Both of those sets of targets produced solid results on the day with help from the bullish market performance, which peaked shortly after midday. We were able to observe some multi-bag runs in our SPY calls, and some more modest yet still solid moves from the WD-40 Company.

Those trading ranges and total possible gains were as follows: 

SPY 04/08 $448-449 Calls
 .74-2.90 (+67%)
$449: .50-2.10 (+312%)

WDFC 04/14 $190-200 Calls
$190: 6.65-10.60 (+60%)
$195: 4.11-7.00 (+67%)
$200: 1.51-4.40 (+312%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 04/11 $446-444 Puts
SHAK 06/17 $65 Calls 

1812 Brewing Company, Inc. KEGS – News Update:

We also have got another PR update on KEGS this morning, focusing on the execution of the next phase of its plan to clean up the share structure of the company. Last week we passed along the report that KEGS would be undergoing a large reduction in its authorized shares, and this morning, we see that the CEO will be retiring a half a billion common shares from his own holdings.

It’s refreshing to see a company that is so committed to creating shareholder value, and a more attractive prospect for new investors as well. KEGS is on the right track toward marked improvement, and we’ll be along for the ride, monitoring the situation as it continues to unfold.

Watertown, NY, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 1812 BREWING COMPANY, INC. (OTC Pink: KEGS) (the “Company”) announced that it has agreed to cancel five hundred million (500,000,000) common stock shares held by its CEO, Tom Scozzafava.  Further, the CEO stated that he could retire or exchanging as many shares that he owns to help increase overall shareholder value regardless.  “My interest is in the long-term viability and growth of the Company, and I am committed to doing what is in the interest of just that.” (>>View Full PR)

Extended Watchlist:

Kicking Off the Final Week of 2021!

Multibag Runner Review: 

We hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend, and are ready to kick off short trading week number two! Despite the fact that there haven’t been many earnings reporters, which is typical for the holiday season, we still managed to track down some excellent gain opportunities in our premarket report on Thursday.

We signaled our interest in the SPY 12/23 $467-469 Calls, and the CROX 01/21 $150-155 Calls, and got some very nice intraday results from both sets of ideas. We’ve also got some figures for the moves made by the SNAP 01/28 $50-53 Calls we formulated in our report from last Monday morning

SPY 12/23 $467-469 Calls
 2.05-5.17 (+152%)
$468: 1.29-4.23 (+228%)
$469: .78-3.25 (+317%)

CROX 01/21 $150-155 Calls
.90-1.90 (+111%)
$155: .64-1.40 (+119%)

SNAP 01/28 $50-53 Calls 
$50: 1.10-2.56 (+133%)
$51: 1.03-2.10 (+104%)
$52: .81-1.82 (+123%)
$53: .69-1.50 (+117%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SFIX 02/04 $21-23 Calls 

SPY 12/27 $471-473 Calls 

South Beach Spirits, Inc. SBES:

We also wanted to provide a quick update on SBES, a stock which we tagged for observation the week before last on the morning of the 16th. This subpenny runner made quite a move subsequent to our alert, trading up from a low of .0017 and running as high .0051 last week. That works out to an overall move of 200%

Extended Watchlist:

Closing Out the Short Trading Week

Options Review: 

The end of holiday week one of two is upon us, and it was a pretty good one in terms of the gain opportunities we observed. We expect a subdued end to this short week, but we wanted to swing back around for a couple of longer-term calls we submitted last week in our reports for December 13th (TSM) and December 15th (TKR).

We were tracking the TSM 01/07 $122-124 Calls and the TKR 01/21 $65-70 Calls, and both sets of ideas have gained some good ground this week. Here are the overall increases we’ve witnessed in those ideas so far:

TSM 01/07 $122-124 Calls
 .98-2.45 (+150%)
$123:.70-1.68 (+140%)
$124: .70-1.68 (+140%)

TKR 01/21 $65-70 Calls
$65: 1.97-4.10 (+108%)
$67.50: .55-1.24 (+125%)
$70: .08-.25 (+212%)

Fresh Options Idea:
SPY 12/23 $467-469 Calls
CROX 01/21 $150-155 Calls

BiondVax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BVXV:

We would like to close things out by providing a quick update on BVXV which appeared in yesterday’s extended watchlist. While it did produce a multibag run, it did have two separate moves on the day that are worth mentioning.

First it ran from 2.72-3.49 (+28%), followed by a slight pullback and a move from .2.31-3.00 (+30%) for a cumulative total of 58% on the day. .

Extended Watchlist: