TWTR Targets Moving, Fresh Plays & More

Twitter, Inc. TWTR – Options Recap: 

In terms of options plays for yesterday’s trading session, it was all about TWTR in our premarket report. Not only were we still tracking our initial idea from Monday’s premarket report, the TWTR Weekly $44-45.50 Calls, but we also rolled up our strike area to include the TWTR Weekly $50-52 Calls. 

So what we have for you this morning is both a recap of the two-day swing made by our first set of TWTR calls, as well as the single-session performance of yesterday’s updated targets. We got some nice figures across the board, which is a big help during this current earnings drought. We will continue to do our best to hash out ideas until the flow of earnings increases once again (the week of the 18th) and we can return to our bread and butter as the main course.

TWTR Weekly $44-45.50 Calls 
$44: 3.75-10.15 (+171%)
$44.50: 3.60-9.65 (+93%)
0$45: 3.05-9.50 (+211%)
$45.50: 2.77-9.00 (+224%)

$50: 2.69-4.03 (+50%)
$51: 2.19-3.35 (+53%)
$52: 1.75-2.82 (+61%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
TLRY Weekly $7-7.50 Calls
GBX Weekly $45-50 Calls
SPY 04/06 $448-446 Puts*

*Please do not attempt to trade options contracts on their day of expiration unless you are an experienced trader with access to disposable funds.

Puget Technologies Inc. PUGE – Recap: 

Just to provide a brief recap on PUGE, which appeared in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, and produced a solid intraday run. The stock ran from a low of .0023 and reached a high of .004 on the day, marking a total upswing of 74%

Extended Watchlist: