AAPL Options Still Hot

SPY and AAPL Calls Breakout 

The first order of business on our docket this morning is to highlight the success we had in yesterday’s premarket report with our fresh options targets. We had signaled the SPY Weekly $349-351 Calls and the AAPL Weekly $118.75-121 Calls for tracking, and both of those ideas were instant winners.

Here’s a rundown of the intraday gains made by those contracts as the markets themselves continued to rip for most of the day.   

SPY Weekly $349-351 Calls
$349: 2.85-6.35 (+122%)
$350: 2.28-5.57 (+144%)
$351: 1.87-4.81 (+157%)

AAPL Weekly $118.75-121 Calls

$118.75: 2.64-7.06 (+167%)
$119: 2.50-6.85 (+174%)
$120: 1.85-6.07 (+228%)
$121: 1.61-5.35 (+232%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BYND Weekly $187.50-182.50 Puts
AAPL Weekly $125-126 Calls 

Inspyr Therapeutics, Inc. NSPX

We were just updating readers on our chatroom call of NSPX in yesterday morning’s newsletter, which had made a multibag swing on Friday, and the stock opened up the week with another fantastic intraday move.

NSPX ran from a daily low of .0154 and hit .0424 yesterday, an intraday run amounting to 175%

Extended Watchlist:

NKLA, BBBY Options Winners

Nice Options Gainers 

On Friday morning, we wrapped up an exciting week of options trading by highlighting the ideas we had formulated which produced sizable gains all week. Those included the NKLA Weekly $21.50-23 Calls as well as the BBBY Weekly $16-18 Calls.

They had already both recorded multibag gains going into Friday, and we witnessed more big opportunities intraday. Here were the total possible (massive) gains that were on the table during Friday’s session:

NKLA Weekly $21.50-23 Calls 
$21.50: 1.30-4.40 (+238%)
$22: .94-4.00 (+326%)
$22.50: .69-3.50 (+407%)
$23: .25-3.25 (+1200%)

BBBY Weekly $16-18 Calls
: 2.30-4.85 (+111%)
$16.50: 2.00-4.35 (+118%)
$17: 1.50-3.77 (+151%)
$17.50: 1.10-3.33 (+203%)
$18: .63-2.75 (+337%)

Fresh Options Idea:
NTES 10/23 $90-91

OTC Runners 

A couple of OTC plays that we highlighted last week went on to post solid performances. On Monday of last week, we signaled interest in tracking Patient Access Solutions, Inc. PASO and on TuesdayClickStream Corp. CLIS via our extended watchlist. Readers can get wrapped up in our main feature plays and sometimes forget to monitor our extended watchlists.

In the case of PASO we witnessed a run from .0181 to .0403, an increase of 121% and CLIS brought a big move from .0162-.06, which works out to a gain of 270%

Fresh UBER Calls & More

Invesco Solar (ETF) TAN – Recap

On Thurday’s morning, we were getting strong bullish signals from the solar sector, and in order to stay on top of that trend we decided to track a set of options ideas in the TAN chain, with TAN being to the solar space what the SPY is to the markets as a whole.

Our targets were the TAN 10/16 $54-56 Calls and we saw some very nice activity from those plays on Friday.

TAN 10/16 $54-56 Calls
$54: 3.10-4.60 (+48%)
$55: 1.90-4.21 (+122%)
$56: 1.75-3.60 (+106%)

We also had signaled the TCOM 10/16 $27-29 Calls for observation on Friday morning, and those saw some solid intraday gains.

TCOM 10/16 $27-29 Calls 
$27: 2.62-3.47 (+32%)
$28: 1.88-2.81 (+49%)
$29: 1.18-2.06 (+75%)

All American Gold Corp. AAGC

We will also provide an update on AAGC which we mentioned on Wednesday morning. We observed a subsequent low of .0008 and to close out the week with a bang, the stock hit a new high of .0024.

This subpenny runner amounted to potential gains of up to 200% and was a good diversion from our typical big board options interests.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
THO 10/16 $100-105 Calls
UBER Weekly $34.50-36 Calls

Extended Watchlist: