Continued Options Success

Options Recaps 

We put forth some fresh options ideas on Friday morning, and we continued the solid options success that we had going all week long into the finish. Here are the trading ranges and total possible gains that were available to ourselves and our readers

Intel Corp. INTC Weekly $65-67 Calls
: 1.55-4.21 (+172%)
$65.50: 1.22-3.60 (+195%)
: .89-3.27 (+267%)
$66.50: .69-2.70 (+291%)
: .41-2.27 (+454%)

American Express Co. AXP Weekly $133-135 Calls
: 2.31-5.28 (+129%)
$135: 1.67-4.11 (+146%)

Fresh Ideas

We’re feeling bearish on airlines at the present time, especially considering the current viral outbreak which has spread from China by way of air travel. We’re going to formulate a number of options ideas for the week based off that sentiment. There are other economic fears related to the coronavirus as well, which are giving stocks in general a rough go of things as we kick off this fresh trading week. 

UAL Weekly $80-79 Puts
AAL $27-50 26.50 Puts
DAL Weekly $57-56 Puts
SPY Weekly $325-322 Puts

Kiwa Biotech Products Group Corp. KWBT

We began tracking KWBT in December, after which time we observed a low of .018 in the stock. After a really solid first month of the new year, the stock has made quite a bit of progress.

On Friday KWBT reached .052, which represents a fantastic increase of 189% in the month we’ve been tracking it.

Recap of Winning Options, Fresh Ideas

Options Reviews

Morgan Stanley MS – 
Yesterday morning we were looking at some fresh options ideas, and among them was the MS Weekly $54.50-56 Calls. The stock had a solid session after reporting a beat on earnings and revenues for Q4 2019, aided by a good day for the markets at large.

As a result, we were able to witness multibag gains in three out of four sets of contracts, with the fourth not far behind. Here were the ranges and total possible profits that were on the table for the session:

MS Weekly $54.50-56 Calls
: 1.42-2.82 (+79%)  
$55: .87-2.37 (+97%)
$55.50: .62-1.90 (+119%)
: .35-1.37 (+125%)

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. TSM – We also formulated an idea for TSM in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and those produced some really nice gain opportunities as well.

Here were the total profits there for taking on those plays:

TSM Weekly $58.50-60 Calls
$58.50: .40-.85 (+113%)  
$59: .20-.55 (+175%)
$59.50: .10-.30 (+200%)
: .05-.20 (+300%)

Fresh Ideas:
STT Weekly $82.50 Calls-85 Calls*
SLB Weekly $39.50-40 Calls*
CFG Weekly $40 Calls*

*Please don’t try to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds! 

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. KWBT

Lestly, we wanted to quickly recap the recent performance of another of our selections. We tagged KWBT on the 27th of December, and in the last couple of weeks the stock has been in good shape.

KWBT has run from .018-.0416, marking a fantastic run of 131% in just a short span. We’ll continue to keep this OTC play on the radar going forward.

Huge Stock Moves & More

Rite Aid Corp. RAD – Review

We were just talking about RAD in our premarket report from last Friday, and we wanted to close out this week by bring up the very respectable run it has produced. The morning of our report, the stock saw a low of 12.11, and subsequently registered a new high yesterday at 19.22 (+59%). As of the premarket high of 22.44 established in the premarket this morning, we’ve witnessed a one-week run of 85% from Rite Aid.

We’re also going to signal a couple of different sets of options ideas to track in the RAD chain over the next week, and beyond. We’re going to radar the RAD 1/03 $21-23 Calls, as well as the RAD 04/17 $27-30 Calls.

Other Updates
We also wanted to highlight some mega-moves made by stocks we’ve placed on watch recently, once again proving conclusively that options aren’t our only forte.

We tagged Clearside Biomedical, Inc. CLSD in our extended watchlist on October 18th, and witnessed a low of .75 the following day. The stock has been gradually ramping its way up in the several weeks since then, continually registering new highs, of which it hit 3.95 yesterday. That’s an incredible increase of 427%

We put Oncolytics Biotech, Inc. ONCY on watch back on November 14th, and have watched as the stock began to edge its way up, before absolutely exploding over the last week. Our observed range on this one in just over a month has been .82-2.92, a gain of 256%

Many of our longer term readers will remember how significant the gains were out of OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. OWCP as we first came across it at the end of 2016 when it went on a mega run from subpenny levels to over 2.00. When it appeared in yesterday’s watchlist it was time to start paying close attention to it again. OWCP made a 94% intraday move yesterday from a low of .028 to a high of .0543. Volume has been ramping up the last few sessions and with this type of momentum, we’ll definitely continue to keep an eye on it.

Extended Watchlist: