Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GYST Video, Other Updates

The Graystone Company GYST

Our first order of business this morning is to provide an update on GYST, which was the subject of our special report yesterday. If you did not catch our report, you can do so by hitting the following link >>GYST REPORT

To illustrate GYST’s performance during yesterday’s session, what better way to go over it than a video chart from our very own Stock Sumo! Click through to the video below, and also receive a quick lesson in understanding Level 2 quotes, which is vital for any beginning trader to take the next step!

>>GYST Video

The dip-and-rip we saw in GYST from .007 to .012 represented an intraday upswing of 71%, so, a very good first day of observation. As Stock Sumo was mentioning, we want to see GYST hold support at or above the channel between .0064-.007 on any pullbacks, and will look for an eventual break of resistance at .0125.


Viva Entertainment Group, Inc. OTTV -We tagged OTTV in  Friday’s extended watchlist and we wanted to circle back this morning to mention the solid activity that followed from this stock over subsequent sessions.

On Friday, we observed a low of .0004 and witnessed a pretty nice 75% rip to .0007. As of yesterday, OTTV had extended its high to .001, and boosted our three-session observed upswing on the stock to a nice, round 150%

Pilgrim Petroleum Corp. PGPM – For another quick update, we’ve witnessed a pretty good two-day swing in PGPM after alerting it in Tuesday’s premarket report, and observing a low of .011. Yesterday, the stock hit .0183, which was good for a respectable overall move of 66%

Dollar General Corp. DG

We want to leave off this morning with an earnings-related options idea. We’ve had a ton of success this earnings season, and will try to keep that going with Dollar General.

Not only did the company reveal a beat on sales and profits for the quarter, but the current chart setup was already primed for a bullish move. We’ll be putting the DG Weekly $75-78 Calls on watch for potential day and/or swing trades.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks Special Report

Special Report: The Graystone Company GYST

The focus of this special report to kick off the holiday-shortened week is GYST, which is a company with active operations in both the mining and cannabis industries. As our regular readers can attest, those are two market spaces that we have been very fond of in the past, but to find one company with its hands in both is an interesting change of pace.

The company has been actively engaging its shareholders on both fronts as well, recently issuing key updates, but before we jump into that, we also want to point out the massive share restructuring GYST announced this month, in which it immediately effected a 95% reduction in its authorized shares, reducing the count to 500M. (>>View PR)



As we hinted at above, GYST building out a scalable business operation in the cannabis industry that includes multiple California-based cannabis delivery services and dispensaries.  The initial delivery service began operations in March 2017 and has rapidly expanded into multiple target markets with plans for aggressive expansion for the remainder of 2017.

Per a recent update, the revenue intake and expansion of its cannabis operations has been even more aggressive than the company itself expected, which is an exciting prospect. California only recently legalized the sale of recreational marijuana, but its medical programs and cannabis counter-culture has been thriving for decades, beginning in 1996 with Proposition 215 (The Compassionate Use Act).

The CEO of GYST, M.T. Soeparmo stated, “Our company is growing at a rapid pace … we are projecting 20K to 25K in revenue for the month of May and based on current trends, that number should surpass 30K as early as June.  The scalability of our business has allowed us to expand our reach well beyond our original target markets.  In fact, plans for additional expansion are well under way.” (>>View Full PR)

More recently, Soeparmo mentioned that more updates on GYST’s cannabis operations are forthcoming, so we’ll definitely want to keep an eye peeled for that.


With the cannabis aspects of its business clearly gaining traction faster than the company expected, GYST management reminded shareholders last week not to forget the promising mining operations it is currently carrying out in South America.

According to Graystone, its mining operations focus primarily on acquiring properties that require a lower capital investment to begin mining operations. This approach may reduce the size of the deposits that the company can produce, however, by generating revenue from smaller mining ventures, the company can build a solid foundation and the needed infrastructure to undertake larger ventures such as hard rock projects in the future.

M.T. Soeparmo, CEO, said, “Our current mining operation is located in Suriname and is a 160-acre site. With only 12 acres of that being mined currently, the operation has already achieved break even status.  148 acres is still yet to be mined actively so we estimate a five to seven year life span on the current 12 acres and tested locations with other locations currently being scouted.

Mr. Soeparmo finished up with, “We could not be more pleased with our current business operations.  The cannabis business has exploded in a very short time frame and our mining operations provide a sizable long term contribution to our revenue goals.  We look forward to sharing more information with investors in the coming weeks including an up to date website that outlines our current business operations, recent press and financials.” (>>View PR)



Lastly, we want to take a look at the current setup of the GYST chart.

A return to the 52-week high of .0215 from current PPS levels could make for gains of more than 80% Presently, the RSI is not overbought by any means, and appears rather bullish, being above 50-line with the MACD showing a recent bullish cross!

As mentioned above, GYST is currently working on a new and updated website, so for now, you can begin your own due diligence on the company by starting at its page on OTC Markets (>>View GYST Page)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BTCS Recap, EVOK & More


We caught BTCS on a routine scan yesterday morning after noticing some abnormal activity from the session prior. Our timing ended up being extremely fortuitous, with the stock making quite an impressive morning run.

From a low of .0013, it surged up as high as .0024 just prior to midday, for a healthy pop of 85% on almost ten times the three-month average volume. If BTCS can hold support at or above yesterday’s swing low, we’ll continue to be interested in the possibilities it may provide.

Evoke Pharma, Inc. EVOK

EVOK is another fresh play that we’re taking a look at for the first time this morning. The stock has recently fallen off of a cliff, as we’ve pointed out on the annotated chart below. Beginning with a massive gap-down earlier this month, followed by several sessions of backsliding which culminated in a new 52-week low (1.52) being set on Monday.

Yesterday’s bottom-bounce activity is what has us on alert. The stock is heavily oversold, and could be in line for a substantial rebound. We’ll want to be hanging around when that occurs, because even a return to the bottom of the chart gap at 3.50, from current levels, would spell an opportunity for significant gains.

Tempur Sealy International, Inc. TPX – Options Idea

TPX is fresh off an earnings beat this morning which has it gapping up into the $70-range. We’re going to signal a range of longer-term options ideas for us to track in the days and weeks to come. Our area of interest here is going to be the TPX 08/19 $70-80 Calls, giving us just over three weeks’ time to see a continued PPS recovery. 

Extended Watchlist:
 NSRS(Potential Bottom Bouncer)