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As some of our newest subscribers may not yet be aware, we recently began enrollment for our premium tier service, Veteran Trading. It’s a service where beginning-to-intermediate level traders can get more of the kinds of ideas you see here in our free newsletters each day and be given the tools to learn how to seek them out on their own and become a better trader!

Yesterday in the daily private chat that can be accessed with every level of the new service, we identified a couple of OTC stocks that turned in some solid gains on the day, and after closing near their highs, are in line to possibly post further gains today:

Investview, Inc. INVU
Range: .255-.39
Gained: +53%

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. KWBT
Range: .0175-.0253
Gained: +45%

The three levels of service that we are currently offering and the associated monthly fees (which can easily be absorbed by a single hot trade) are as follows:

– $75: Access to our private Telegram channel where we will be posting real-time trade ideas

– $125: Same as above, also includes video of new and archived bi-weekly classes

 – $250: Includes all of the above + 30 minutes of 1-on-1 time with an expert each month

We encourage anyone with interest in the program to reply to this email or send an email with your name, number, and a brief trading history to We believe that even advanced level traders could benefit from our still growing service!

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