Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Trading Ideas

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options
On Wednesday we honed in on Apple’s big news, the addition of Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as its new chief of retail, and mentioned that we were monitoring the 11/01 $505 and $510 Calls. At the time those contracts were trading in the low $12′s, and $10′s respectively.

We were still watching on Friday, and were duly rewarded for our patience; the $505 Calls jumped nearly 50% from the lows in the $12-range to a high of 17.10. As for the $510′s, they went on to close at 14.50, a 45% increase from the low of $10.

This morning, AAPL is gapping up to the tune of more than 0.5%, which means these Calls should be pushed even deeper into the money. That would provide us with significant added gains.

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options

Much like AAPL, FB has become one of our favorite target vehicles for trading options contracts. If you recall, we successfully pursued over 750% in cumulative gains out of FB Calls the Friday before last, and in sticking with the same strategy last week as we pointed out on Friday, similar opportunities were presented in the Calls once again.

Extended Watchlist:
VPLM, TLAB, NTS, EWRL, ETEK, INVA, ENMD(coming off of recent lows)