Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing IMMU, EBIO & More

Immunomedics, Inc. IMMU

We began tracking IMMU last month, mentioning it for the first time on May 13th, and then again in a followup on the 20th. Our timeliness in bringing what was already a steady climber to the table, as you can plainly see on the chart below.

It’s been a solid few weeks for the stock since that time. It has risen from our observed low of 3.59 to a new high of 5.44 yesterday, marking a solid 52% PPS increase in just a short time. We can also see that the volume has been steadily creeping up as well.

The last time the stock was this overbought, we saw a leveling out but not much of a consolidation. We’ll look for a similar phenomenon to occur from this point forward, and for IMMU to ultimately continue its general uptrend until we see evidence to the contrary.

Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. EBIO

Speaking of plays we called last month that have enjoyed extended moves up, we’ve also got on update on EBIO this morning. We tagged this stock for observation in the first week of May, and would catch it trading at a low of .80.

From there it’s been a fairly steady climb, and yesterday it too shot to new highs. As of yesterday’s top mark of 2.10, we’d witnessed a one-month rise of 163% as the stock temporarily cracked through the 200DMA. We’ll look for it to hold support at or above previous resistance in the 1.70 area on any pullbacks.

Fresh Options Idea

For a closing idea on this short week, we’ve taken notice of the chart on iShares Silver Trust SLV. It’s gapping up moderately in the premarket this morning after recently bouncing off of its lowest price in a couple of months.

Accordingly, today we’re going to look to possibly take advantage of the activity in the SLV $15-16 Weekly Calls* for intraday flip opportunities.

*Caution: As always, heed our caution with regard to trading options contracts with a weekly expiration on Friday. It’s something only to be attempted by advanced traders!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review, Fresh Ideas & More

Speed Commerce, Inc. SPDC

We were just reminding our readers about SPDC yesterday, which we’ve now tracked for three sessions since  our premarket report on Friday. We observed a low of .018 that day, and the stock hasn’t looked back since.

After another excellent PPS-enhancing performance on Monday, we suggested our subscribers continue to watch yesterday for the possibility of a protracted uptrend, and what followed was the biggest single-session move yet, and new highs for SPDC.

From an early low of .038, the stock rushed to .057 in the closing minutes. That represented a 50% intraday pop, and an overall three-day increase above our observed low of .018 amounting to 217%

Options Ideas

Rambus, Inc. RMBS – Recap

RMBS was the subject of an options trading idea we submitted yesterday morning, after noticing the stock gapping up in the premarket on a post-market earnings beat from the prior day. We targeted the RMBS 02/19 $12 Calls, and those contracts traded in a range from .37-.59; good for intraday gains of up 59%

Apple, Inc. AAPL

It’s been awhile since we signaled any AAPL options, but we’re presented with an opportunity this morning as the stock is down considerably in early trading on deflated sales forecasts, amongst other things. We’ll look for chances on the bearish side of things, namely the AAPL Weekly $97-95.50 Puts to try to take advantage of the consequences of shaken investor confidence.

Biogen, Inc. BIIB

An impressive beat on revenues and EPS is leading BIIB to a notable gap-up this morning,  we’ll definitely want to look for the possibility of a nice intraday upswing from the stock. To ensure we catch the heaviest action we’ll begin by monitoring every set of contracts in the range of BIIB Weekly $267.50 through $280 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LEXG Update & More

Lithium Exploration Group, Inc. LEXG

LEXG has definitely turned out to be a real superstar of the past couple of sessions, after we tagged the stock in our premarket report on Friday. That morning, we witnessed shares changing hands for as little as .1125, followed by a momentous 140% intraday run to .27 before tapering off slightly.

We did do a follow-up with that information in yesterday’s report, and instead of falling by the wayside after a single strong session, LEXG duplicated the performance as its momentum spilled over into the new week.

From an early low of .19, the stock steadily pressed upward throughout the course of the day, closing at its high mark of .35. That goes down as a positive intraday move of 84%, and from our observed low on Friday it registers as an incredible two-day swing of 211%

We will, of course, wish to keep LEXG on our track list with the kind of momentum we’ve witnessed to this point.

Reve Technologies, Inc. (fka Bassline Produtions) BSSP

BSSP appeared on our extended watchlist a week ago today, and since that time, volume and accumulation have been consistent. The stock has been making some nice swings in the .001-.002 range; it’s going to be one we’ll definitely keep an eye on as it has become a flipper’s paradise.  We’ll be on the lookout for it to continue to make higher highs and higher lows off of its recently recorded bottom in the sessions to come.

Tapinator, inc. TAPM

We’re going to place TAPM on watch today as well, with a number of chart indicators suggesting that a continued breakout could be in the cards. As you can see on the snapshot below, the stock just cracked its 50DMA and has established its ability to make big gains in the past. It’s coming off of its fourth consecutive session of higher highs and higher lows.

Extended Watchlist: