Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MJMI Recap, Options Idea & More

MarilynJean Interactive, Inc. MJMI

Our first order of business this morning is to rehash the recent performance of what has become one of our best picks of this month on the stock side of things. We first alerted MJMI exactly three weeks ago on the 4th, and would subsequently observe a low of .091 the very next session, from which the stock hasn’t looked back.

Volume has been excellent during the entire fifteen-session span that we’ve tracked the stock, and yesterday MJMI reached an amazing new high of .575. That works out to a fantastic increase of 532% in a relatively short time. A quick peek at the chart below shows the incredible move clearly.

In the event of a pullback off of this latest spike, we’ll be looking for the stock to maintain support at or above the 200DMA of .353.

Xtera Communications, Inc. XCOM

We’re always on the lookout for a good bottom-bouncer, and it appears that we’ve found an interesting candidate this morning, which has just undergone a crazy 48 hours.

The stock made a huge run yesterday off of its recently established annual lows, filling the gap on the chart and then some, before settling into close in the fifty-cent range. This morning in the premarket we’ve seen the stock changing hands in the .60-.74 range, so we’re very interested to see how the activity will unfold in-session.

We’ll want to see this morning’s premarket low of .60 hold as support on any pullbacks.

Boston Therapeutics, Inc. BTHE

We also want to provide a quick update on BTHE today, which was a mention in yesterday’s extended watchlist.

Despite not seeing any liquidity in the early part of the morning, eventually the wheels began to turn, and we saw a nice afternoon run from .125 to .17; an intraday upswing of 36%

Fresh Options Idea: Tiffany & Co. Just beat on earnings this morning, so we’ll be montioring the TIF Weekly $71-74 Calls for potential daytrades and/or swing trades into tomorrow.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MAXD Update, Options Ideas & More

Max Sound Corp. MAXD

The first thing we want to do this morning is update our readers the performance of MAXD this week. Since we tagged MAXD for observation on Tuesday morning, the stock has gone for quite a ride. It has managed to record higher highs and higher lows every single day, and the overall span we’ve witnessed in just three sessions has been notable to say the least.

Yesterday’s high was .0478, which represented a 74% swing over our observed low of .0275 from Tuesday. Volume in that span has been significantly heavier than average, and we’ll want to continue to monitor MAXD for signs of a protracted uptrend. In order to keep our interest, the stock will need to hold support at or above a previous level of significant resistance at .032 on any pullbacks.

Nutrafuels, Inc. NTFU

We want to follow up on yesterday’s NTFU Special Report with a video presentation of the NTFU Chart, in which we’ll highlight some of the key aspects. 

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s report on NTFU, we invite you to check that out now. The company has a full line of products that are currently available, not to mention an impressive game plan for moving its business forward, that we feel warrants special consideration.

Yesterday’s news with Amazon was a big development too, so if you missed that as well, use the following link to get up to speed:

NutraFuels, Inc. (NTFU) Going Live on Amazon With Three Leading Oral-Spray Dietary Supplements; Weight-Loss, Sleep Support and Spa-Hair, Skin & Nails. (Thu, Oct 22)

We’d also suggest taking a look at the detailed investor presentation outlining the NutraSpray brand:

NTFU Investor Presentation

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re looking for dip-and-rips out of both of the following stocks after a roughly a 10% gap-up on earnings in the premarket today in each case. For today’s quick-strike options trading radar, we’ll be tracking:

Amazon, Inc. AMZN Weekly $610-625 Calls

Microsoft Corp. MSFT Weekly $51-53.50 Calls

*Don’t forget that trading weekly options on a Friday is an inherently risky proposition, as they are on the verge of expiration. It can, however, be a chance for experienced traders to profit greatly as premiums go down and volatility rises. 

Extended Watchlist: