Blue Horseshoe Stocks: QFOR, NDEV Updates & More

Quadrant 4 Systems Corp. QFOR

Yesterday marked the first time we ever mentioned QFOR in any of our premarket reports, and in a stroke of fantastic timing, the stock made one heck of a debut for us.

We were interested because we noticed that after taking a huge beating from nearly .20 at the beginning of the month, the stock finally started to show some signs of life, trending off of its lows on Monday.

That momentum helped facilitate yesterday’s run from a low of .04175 to .0712, which worked out to a healthy intraday pop of 80% on more than twice the monthly average volume. We want to continue to monitor this as a recovery play, as the regaining of even a portion of the ground that it lost in recent weeks would represent significant gains from the present juncture.

Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. CLRB

Speaking of bottom plays, there’s another one hitting our scanners this morning in CLRB. This stock found new 6-month lows yesterday, and from a technical standpoint, this is what can only be referred to as an incredibly ripe chart.

We’ve included a snapshot below, and as you can see, it currently boasts many of theĀ  characteristics that we constantly watch for, and often benefit from. Trading at recent relative lows, with an RSI indicating oversold, the MACD converging toward an impending bullish cross, and a sizable gap to the upside.

It’s for these reasons that CLRB must be afforded a spot on our watch-screens as we cruise through midweek.

Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. NDEV

After tagging NDEV in Monday’s morning report and witnessing a nice initial move from .30-.442 (+47%), we followed up yesterday and cautioned that a continuation of momentum made it necessary to stay on its trail, and we’re glad we did.

The stock produced a second straight solid session for us, running from its morning low of .43 to a new high of .559, a intraday pop of 30% and a two-day increase amounting to 86% High volume to the tune of more than five times its monthly average, and another strong close will keep NDEV’s slot on our radar safe for the time being.

Extended Watchlist: