SPY Puts & More

Options Review

The fresh options ideas in the streaming video space we offered up in yesterday’s premarket report fared well for their first session, making strong moves despite a shaky day for stocks in general.

We had the NFLX Weekly $365-372.50 Calls and the ROKU Weekly $87.50-89 Calls on watch, and each contract in our designated ranges produced gain opportunities of a significant nature. 

NFLX Weekly $365-372.50 Calls
$365: 9.90-20.80 (+110%)
$367.50: 8.91-18.67 (+110%)
$370: 7.49-16.80 (+124%)
$372.50: 6.51-15.05 (+131%)

ROKU Weekly $87.50-89 Calls
$87.50: 4.24-8.19 (+93%)
$88: 3.70-7.15 (+93%)
$88.50: 3.45-6.43 (+86%)
$89: 3.09-6.50 (+110%)

Fresh Idea:
SPY Weekly $250-248 Puts

Yesterday’s OTC Movers

As we’ve mentioned previously, in times of uncertainty on the big exchanges, it is not unusual to see more opportunities for quick-strike OTC trades. We’ve been including some penny stocks in our daily watchlists, and the big winners from yesterday’s report were Abco Energy, Inc. ABCE and Inspyre Therapeutics, Inc. NSPX, which produced the following chances on the day:

ABCE: .0006-.0015 (+98%)
NSPX: .0192-.0378 (+110%)