Massive Runners from Friday, Fresh Ideas

Friday’s Major Success:

We’re happy to be kicking off this brand new trading week on a high note this morning, after the 5-pack of possible targets we highlighted in our premarket report on Friday produced some serious opportunities for us. It was the second straight session that we had offered up five ideas, and all five worked out, following Thursday’s successful picks, and once again the potential gains were significant.

We had targeted the CSX Weekly $31.50-32 Calls, the PG Weekly $152.50-155 Calls, the SAP Weekly $130 Calls, the ALV Weekly $90 Puts, and the HCA Weekly $280-285 Calls. Every last one of the contracts in those ranges at least made a double on the day, with many of them scoring wins that were a heck of a lot bigger. Here’s the breakdown of those performances:

CSX Weekly $31.50-32 Calls
 .15-.50 (+233%)
$32: .01-.15 (+1400%)

PG Weekly $152.50-155 Calls
$152.50: 2.13-5.65 (+165%)
$155: .51-3.20 (+527%)

SAP Weekly $130 Calls
 2.20-4.58 (+108%)

ALV Weekly $90 Puts
 1.90-4.30 (+126%)

HCA Weekly $280-285 Calls
$280: .36-1.43 (+297%)
$285: .44-2.50 (+468%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PHG 05/19 $22.50 Calls
KO Weekly $65 Calls

Extended Watchlist: