Major Move for CBIH, 2 Fresh Options Ideas

Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIH) – Recap:

We have been reporting on CBIH for a few weeks now, and things have just started to get really exciting for this medical cannabis company which uses the latest AI algorithms to aid in the development of its products.

When our initial report on CBIH hit back on February 20th the stock was trading as low as .0005. Yesterday, on the strength of its highest volume day since July of 2022, it ran up to a new high of .0018. That marks an upswing of 260% in just a shade over three weeks of trading! Ideally, we’d like to see the .0011 area of resistance the stock broke through yesterday hold as support going forward. Should the stock manage to break through the .0019-.002 area, we’d be looking at a straight shot on up to .003.

For now, we are exceedingly pleased with how CBIH has performed in the short time we’ve been covering this company.

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Solid Start to the Week for Options:

We had another solid day on the options front yesterday, with all three of the quick-strike targets we included in our report making some nice intraday moves. (We also had a pair of ideas with April expirations that we’ll continue to track in the days and weeks ahead).

Those daily runners were the MARA Weekly $24.50-25 Calls, the COIN Weekly $270-275 Calls, and the BABA Weekly $74-75 Calls, and here were the types of intraday moves they registered:

MARA Weekly $24.50-25 Calls
: .74-1.05 (+42%)
$25: .65-.93 (+43%)

COIN Weekly $270-275 Calls
: 10.00-15.95 (+59%)
$272.50: 9.55-14.82 (+55%)
$275: 8.95-13.90 (+55%)

BABA Weekly $74-75 Calls
$74: 1.57-2.66 (+59%)
$75: 1.04-2.00 (+92%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ADM Weekly $54-56 Calls
ORCL Weekly $125-128 Calls

Extended Watchlist: