LVS Recap, New Options Ideas

Las Vegas Sands Corp. LVS

To start things off this week, we want to circle back around to provide an update on a call we made a couple of weeks ago. The Thursday before last, on January 30th, we signaled interest in tracking the LVS 02/28 $68-71 Calls.

The stock had been on a solid run prior to our idea and continued its momentum all the way through to Thursday, before doing any consolidating. Here are the total possible gains that were available to us during that respectable run.

LVS 02/28 $68-71 Calls
$68: 1.35-3.10 (+130%)
: 1.12-2.10 (+88%)
: .85-2.00 (+135%)
: .72-1.50 (+108%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

The earnings reporter list is a little light to start the week, but QSR and L caught our eye, so we’re going to formulate a couple of ideas there. We also noticed some insider bottom-buying on PBF, so we’ll insert a longer-term idea to track a potential recovery on that stock as well.

Restaurant Brands International, Inc. QSR 02/21 $65-67.50 Calls
Loews Corp. L 02/21 $55 Calls
PBF Energy, Inc. PBF 03/20 $28-30 Calls