ICTY | EyeCity.com, Inc. & Today’s Extended Watchlist

EyeCity.com, Inc. ICTY

This is a stock that had a major run recently. From December to March, ICTY ran from .0002 to .002. There has been a consolidation over the past few weeks, and it appears the stock has found a level of support at .0007.

On Wednesday it maintained a higher low of .0008, and touching .0012 at one point.

The chart setup on ICTY looks quite favorable here. The RSI is coming off of looking oversold, while the MACD and the PPO are currently pinching, converging, and preparing for a cross.

We’ve been having quite a bit of success with subpenny stocks of late, so we thought we take a crack at another one with ICTY.


Today’s Extended Watchlist: