CADY | Digital Caddies, Inc | Special Report

Digital Caddies, Inc. CADY

It’s 9:45, and as promised, we’re presenting our new pick to you. Utilizing tablet technology and wireless connectivity, CADY offers golf courses a unique way to digitally engage their golfers over the entire course of a round of golf, an average of over four hours.

It helps golfers by giving them access to GPS and course data, and it benefits the course itself by allowing interaction, the ability to advertise for the duration of the users stay, and other useful metrics. As we all know, the yearly income of the average golfer includes a higher than average amount of discretionary spending limits.

A look at the graphic below illustrates the various qualities of the target market for Digital Caddies fairly concisely:

What this translates into, is one heck of a way for golf venues to reach out to their customer base, and increase their revenues all at the same time; also one of the reasons why we are so excited about CADY.

Add all that with a chart that is looking ready to continue to bounce off of its 52-wk low, and we are watching closely. Just two trading sessions ago, it sprung up off its annual low of .30, hitting .45 for a tidy 50% gain.

On Wednesday, from a low of .32, the stock touched .38, for an 18.7% run. We want to keep it on our scans moving forward, as the bouncing continues. Especially in light of the fact that volume has been picking up over the past few sessions; as is often the case: volume precedes price.

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