BUCS, EXTO | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Business Continuity Solutions Inc. BUCS

We called the bottom on BUCS on the 16th, at which time, the stock was trading around a low of .025. We saw a new high of .035 yesterday, for a gain of 40% from our initial mention.

We are still confident in the stock performing well from these levels. We of course would like to see the stock make both higher highs and lows, reaffirming its bullish status.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

For those of you wondering why we continue to cover EXTO week in and week out for month upon months, we have drawn up a chart that illustrates our reasoning. This bouncy stock has created a flipper’s paradise, complete with predictable swings which are fit snugly into a substantially-pronounced uptrend.

From where it now stands, it doesn’t look like we are too many cycles away from testing previous highs reached this past summer at .0129. As if its predictable patterns didnt give enough of an indication, we are also seeing MACD and RSI states which are highly indicative of a continued uptrend in the short term.