BIOF, ALCL, DGHG – Today’s Stocks

BioFuel Energy Corp. BIOF

We jumped on BIOF just in the nick of time, sending out an alert at 3pm yesterday when the stock was trading at .80. We thought there might be some juice left to carry us to the closing bell and sure enough, we were correct in our assumption. The stock then hit .89 before settling in at .85. If post market trading up to .905 is an indicator, we could see the stock open up with continued momentum.

Ethanol prices are breaking records, which is a very good thing for companies like BioFuel Energy.  Have a look at this article talking about just that.

Atlas Capital Holdings Inc ALCL

ALCL enjoyed a 36% intraday gain on Tuesday following our premarket alert. Yesterday the stock enjoyed the highest trading volume it has seen since early September,  at which time the stock was trading as high as the .07-range.

ALCL, coming off of a relative bottom is going to continue to hold our attention. If the activity and momentum keeps up, we may be in store for some more nice intraday gains just as we witnessed yesterday.  There’s also some news out this morning:

BOCA RATON, FL, Nov 16, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Atlas Capital Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: ALCL) (OTCBB: ALCL) (the “Company”) announced today that it has entered into a Warrant Purchase Agreement with Innovative Funding Solutions (IFS). Under the terms of the agreement, IFS has committed to provide up to $500,000 of equity capital over the next twelve months in exchange for warrant coverage equal to one and a half times the funding provided at an exercise price of $0.085.

Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. DGHG

DGHG has made some great moves for us since our original alert back on September 13 @ 1.16 at which time the stock gained momentum and pushed to 1.29, before falling back to .71. From the low at .71 to the current price of 1.50, that’s a total possible gain of 111%, and a 29% overall gain from our original alert.

All in all DGHG has been quite a performer, and has satisfied us on several occasions. With no previous reference at this price level, there is still no telling how high DGHG could carry.

Should another pullback occur, it would be ideal to see support hold at the previous resistance point of 1.29.