Blue Horseshoe Special Report

C-Bond Systems, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBNT): Special Report

The subject of our special report this morning is CBNT, a Texas-based company operating in a niche space of the future-forward nanotech sector, with its market focus specifically aimed at the mammoth, $200B glass industry.

The company’s patented intellectual properties are molecular treatments and products for glass, which, as we all know is used to some extent in just about every home, business, building, and automobile on the planet. It means that at the end of the day, CBNT‘s target market is essentially everyone, everywhere!

The company has a varied line of nanotech, glass-strengthening products which are applied to glass either as a solution or a film. It is the company’s auto-glass liquid solution that impresses us the most, right off the bat.

C-Bond NanoShieldTM is applied to windshields, and its claims of increasing impact resistance by up to 80% are supported by a full money-back guarantee. The formula seeps into and fills microscopic impurities in the glass, and has a water-repellent improving visibility as well as strength.

The other product that really resonates is the C-Bond BRS ballistic-resistant film. It’s an intriguing one-way ballistic film that is manufactured to meet or exceed the National Institute of Justice (NIJ Level I, Level II, Level IIA) and United Laboratories (UL 752) ballistic resistance test standards. The applications for institutions of learning, government, and even private properties are crystal clear in these increasingly dangerous times.

This is why we’re extremely interested in CBNT. The company uses nanotechnology to address both routine and serious issues of safety and security, and on top of that, it’s currently in a really good spot on the chart.

Yesterday the stock was on the top daily gainers list on light volume, due to its extremely tight share structure. The type of volatility that a setup like this provides, is exactly the type the play that we’re always on the lookout for. We have every reason to be optimistic about the opportunity it can provide.

We would recommend visiting to see first-hand what CBNT products are capable of. 

We also highly suggest watching the following short video chart presentation which explains what we like about this play from a technical perspective:


HOUSTON, Oct. 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — C-Bond Systems (the “Company” or “C-Bond”) (OTC: CBNT), a nanotechnology company that improves and strengthens glass, announced today that it has engaged Black Diamond Strategies to expand the awareness and use of C-Bond BRS, C-Bond’s ballistic-resistant film system, in federal buildings, schools, embassies, national media networks, and other secure facilities throughout the U.S.

The Company has posted on its website a video of C-Bond BRS preventing bullets from a 9 mm handgun from penetrating glass, as well as a video of C-Bond BRS preventing bullets from an AK-47 rifle from penetrating glass. (>>View Full PR)

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