Another Perfect Options Run, 4 New Targets

Another Clean Sweep on Options:

We fared quite well with the options ideas we formulated for yesterday morning’s premarket report. The markets ripped all day long, and despite three out of our four daily selections being bearish, our targets successfully bucked the overall trend with some really nice intraday runs.

We were honed in on the DAL Weekly $34.50-35 Calls, the FAST 04/21 $52.50-50 Puts, the INFY 04/21 $16-15 Puts, and the PGR 04/21 $145-140 Puts. We got multibag runners out of all of our interests, with the exception of the FAST Puts, which only fell slightly shy of double bag status and still exhibited some excellent intraday movement. Here’s how we fared with yesterday’s clean sweep:

DAL Weekly $34.50-35 Calls
 .15-.55 (+267%)
$35: .10-.39 (+290%)

FAST 04/21 $52.50-50 Puts
 1.20-2.15 (+79%)
$50: .37-.70 (+89%)

INFY 04/21 $16-15 Puts
 .20-.70 (+250%)
$15: .06-.15 (+150%)

PGR 04/21 $145-140 Puts
$145: 3.80-8.75 (+130%)
$140: 1.60-4.50 (+181%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PNC 04/21 $121-124 Calls
C Weekly $48-48.50 Calls*
WFC Weekly $40.50-41 Calls*
JPM Weekly $135-136 Calls*

*You should not attempt to trade options on their day of expiration unless you are an experienced trader

CXApp Inc. CXAI – NASDAQ Recap: 

In an incredible series of events, we flagged CXAI in our premarket report yesterday morning, and the stock performed quite well, running from 2.70-9.73 on the day, for an increase of 260%. However, in premarket trading today, the stock has shot to an incredible new high of 69.47, which represents a gargantuan rise of 2472% overnight!

Extended Watchlist: