FBCD, KERX, & Today’s Extended Watchlist

FBC Holding, Inc. FBCD

This is a play that has appeared on our newsletter many times over a long period.

We first hopped on FBCD a year ago, riding it from .015 to .11, for  a monstrous gain of 633%

Toward the end of March, the stock reached a new 52-wk low, and has been bouncing ever since.

Yesterday, the stock traded record volume, and began a breakout. With all of the attention and momentum observed yesterday, we are adding it back to our watchlist, suspecting that a multi-day run could be in effect.


Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. KERX

This is another recovery play coming off of its 52-wk lows, KERX has a hug gap to fill to the upside.

They recently announced positive results from clinincal trials in a PR on Monday. >Read More

We’ve had some luck with pharma plays in the past, and this one looks as if it is coming off of being oversaold.


Extended Watchlist:

GMXS | Gemini Explorations, Inc. | Huge Volume

Gemini Explorations, Inc. GMXS

Many of our loyal readers will remember GMXS. We first mentioned this play back on March 21st. At that time, we observed a dip to .062, followed by a run to as much as .085.

Next, we saw a low of .04, followed up once again by today’s bounce which produced a new high of .09.

The stock exploded off of our radar screens, trading over 75X its 10-Day average volume, and gaining over 20% on the day.

Now that we’re exploring new highs, it will be interesting to see where the first patches of resistance crop up.

As we can see, the RSI is looking strong, having just bounced off of the 50-mark for the second time. In addition, the stock broke above its 20DMA and is maintaining above that. We are starting to see a hint of convergence on the MACD as well, so we’ll be on the lookout for that to cross.

Any way you slice it, GMXS has certainly earned itself a spot among our top picks of the past couple of months, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated moving forward.

BARCHART.COM is currently rating GMXS a “Strong Buy”

SEFE, HBRM & Today’s Extended Watchlist


Yesterday following our premarket alert, SEFE had its biggest day yet, having traded as low as 1.65, and closed at its high of day of 2.30. This gave savvy traders the opportunity to log up to 39% in gains.

When added to the gains we’ve already posted with SEFE, the total sits at 110% Seeing as the stock closed on record volume and at its daily high yesterday, we would not be surprised to see this runner maintain some of that strength, and possibly even a morning gap-up. Of course if and when that occurs, we should always be on the lookout for a midday pullback.

Herborium Group, Inc. HBRM

HBRM is a momentum play heading into today’s session. The stock has made some significant runs in the past, and yesterday we saw a volume explosion following a big PR announcement.

HBRM recently ran as high as .022. Following that surge, there was a large gap-down: It closed at .0161 on the 10th, and opened at .01 on the 11th of this month. Much like a gap-up that then retraces to fill the gap, we are looking for this gap-down to do the same thing in reverse order, rising up to fill that gap.

Extended Watchlist: