VRNI | Virogen, Inc. | Poised for Technical Bounce

Virogen, Inc. VRNI

New to our newsletters this morning, VRNI is a sub-penny, potential bottom-play, that has the capability of possibly being our next double-bagger.

For a stock with such a low PPS, one would almost expect to find nothing happening at the company, such is not the case with VRNI. Tiger Team Technologies, (aka. “T3”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Virogen, Inc., and provides data and information security to all industries, but with specific focus on the medical field.

T3’s Auditrac document and transmission tracking system provides security with an advanced, proprietary encryption system.

A Basic Rundown of the Auditrac system

  • Protects against the Fiduciary Loss due to mishandled information.
  • HIPAA Compliant:¬† Secures the transfer of Protected Health Information (PHI) over the Internet or wireless networks, or any time data leaves the facility and is exposed to misuse, or interception.
  • Service Providers: ¬†Indemnification protection for messaging platforms and Service Providers.
  • Commercial Transactions: ¬†Indemnification for e-commerce transactions.

This illustration represents a common configuration of the system as it would be set up by T3 technicians.

Basically a risk-management/indemnification suite, the technology used in Auditrac is unavailable anywhere else on the market, and comes with a guarantee of privacy and SOX Compliance.

The company presently has viable contract opportunities within the banking industry, retail industry, financial firms, human resource and medical firms. Some of the potential clients mentioned by the company are John Deere, United Health, Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Currently trading in the .0006 range, the stock has spiked as high as .0016 as recently as February 19th. Prior to that, the stock ran from .0002 to .002, gaining 900% from the end of 2012 to January 14th. Then it saw the more recent 220% run from a low of .0005 to .0016, so we know that VRNI is capable of spiking sharply.

We’ve taken the liberty of preparing the following video presentation of the VRNI chart. Basically, the stock is sitting at a key level of support at .0006, and has been trading sideways after consolidating off of its last big run.


News out this morning:

Virogen, Inc. Establishes New Technical Consulting Division; Newly-Formed Unit to Lead Company’s Q2 2013 Strategic Initiative

SAN GERONIMO, Calif., March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Virogen Inc. (OTC Pink: VRNI), a holding company specializing in data security and encryption technology, today announced the creation of a new technical consulting division, which will be the focal point of the company’s Q2 2013 strategic initiative.Virogen’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Tiger Team Technologies (“T3”), established its new technical consulting division in response to client requests for the company’s high-level services on an ongoing basis. Recognizing that technical consulting services have long served as significant profit centers for many major technology companies, in some cases producing 60% or more of these companies’ operating profits, T3’s technical consulting services division will spearhead the company’s strategic entry into this market niche. The move into this market niche will serve to enhance and support the marketing of the company’s flagship business offerings.

More information at: http://tigerteamtech.com