Tuesday’s Rock Solid Outing, 5-Pack of New Ideas

Another Rock Solid Trading Day:

We ended up in really good shape yesterday following our premarket report, which included a selection of three possible options trading ideas. Once again, we hit on a full slate of winners, sweeping the board with some really nice gains. It has come to the point where we expect success, as it is far more rare that our ideas fail to present any notable gain chances on a given day. Of course, we would never purport to have the impossible ability of always being spot-on, we certainly do hit our daily marks a vast majority of the time.

Yesterday’s targeted plays were the GTLB Weekly $59-61 Calls, the GIII 12/15 $30 Calls, and the FERG 12/15 $170-175 Calls. Here were the the total possible profits that could have been attained off of those ideas:

GTLB Weekly $59-61 Calls
 .95-3.38 (+256%)
$60: .70-2.78 (+297%)
$61: .55-2.25 (+309%)

GIII 12/15 $30 Calls
 .23-1.05 (+356%)

FERG 12/15 $170-175 Calls
$170: 3.80-6.90 (+82%)
$175: 1.30-3.80 (+192%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MDB Weekly $417.50-412.50 Puts
CPB Weekly $40-41 Calls
OLLI 12/15 $77.50-80 Calls
BOX 12/15 $24 Puts
ASAN Weekly $21-19.50 Puts 

Extended Watchlist: