SING, AEGY, PROW & Extended Watchlist

 Singlepoint, Inc. SING

SING was on the move Friday, following some exciting news (below) and we placed it on our Stock Tracker which you can find in the sidebar of our blog at  This is a good example of why we recommend visits to our site regularly, even if you’ve already received our daily report in your inbox. There is often content that gets added to the site throughout the course of the day, so keep that it mind!

Additionally, SING was discussed in our live trading chatroom, which is open to anyone with an interest in stocks, and a Skype connection. If you’d like an invite to the chat, send a Skype contact request to username: stocksumo

The following images show some of Friday’s chat activity on SING:

Indeed we are seeing the gap-up that we expected, this morning pre-market trades have gone off as high as a nickel. After such a huge spike, we wouldn’t be looking to jump in head-first, as a dip-and-rip scenario is exceedingly common in these situations. The resulting bounceplay could still provide traders with ample opportunity. Being another cannabis-related stock, SING is sure to be on our radar well into the future.

PHOENIX, AZ–(Marketwired – Jan 31, 2014) – SinglePoint, Inc. (OTC: SING), a state-of-the-art mobile technology and full-service mobile marketing company, announced today that it has developed a fully functional mobile payment system branded for the Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Industry — Mobile Cannabis Currency. Concurrently SinglePoint is developing point-of-sale mobile payment systems for use by cannabis dispensaries. This system is based on payment technologies used in the field for other business applications.

SinglePoint also provides text message marketing and notifications. This will enable cannabis establishments to send out messages informing their clients of the latest inventory and new products or services. Due to the nature of the industry, SinglePoints’ mobile marketing technology — the opportunity to market directly to their target market — will be a large benefit to Cannabis and Medical Marijuana providers. >>> FULL PR

Alternative Energy Partners, Inc. AEGY

Speaking of momentum plays that were running on Friday, we saw AEGY (which had already afforded us cumulative gains approaching 200% earlier in the week) run from .0036 to a high of .0078. This morning, the stock has breached a penny in pre-market trading, presumably over continued excitement with Friday’s PR regarding the readiness of the company’s online marijuana dispensary. With the monster swings AEGY has been making since we first began talking a lot about it  last Monday, we’ll need to watch closely.

LOS ANGELES, CA, Jan 31, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Alternative Energy Partners (OTCBB: AEGY) (OTCQB: AEGY), known as PharmaJanes (“the Company”), is pleased to announce that, the e-commerce servicing platform, is now open for new patient enrollment. PharmaJanes will first begin servicing parts of metropolitan Southern California, and thereafter will expand throughout California in phases. At the appropriate time, PharmaJanes intends to roll out nationwide. >> FULL PR

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

PROW has been a superstar since we began talking about it heavily beginning on December 20th, when we caught it at a low of .0065. From the very start, we were looking for a Golden Cross formation on the chart to signify upcoming gains, and we were not disappointed in the slightest. The stock went on to hit a high of .079 just three weeks later, a mind-numbing move of 1115%

Since that peak we’ve seen PROW undergo some routine consolidation, and it seems to have established itself a base of support around four cents, so we want to call attention back to it as the time for another swing may soon be drawing near.

Extended Watchlist:

ERBB, FITX, PROW, REVI & Extended Watchlist

Tranzbyte Corp. ERBB

Turning our focus back to cannabis stocks yesterday proved to be a good decision, as more than a couple of them put up great performances on the day. Among those most impressive was ERBB, a stock that we’ve had on our radar for well over a year now.

During the ‘Green Rush’ that took place the first week of this year, we saw the stock shoot from the .002-range up to .0146. Upon pulling back, it found support and bounced from .0056, and made its way back as high as .011. It would pull back one more time, to .0063, before hitting a high of .0118 yesterday on extremely high volume. It’s safe to say that ERBB has brought us a host of huge gain opportunities in just the past few weeks.

We want to continue to keep an eye on ERBB. To find out why, take a look at the following video chart we’ve prepared:

Yesterday’s News:

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. FITX

FITX continued to breakout following yesterday’s report, trading immense volume (350M shares) to the tune of roughly 5X its 3mo. average, and hitting a high of .0648.

We ran across an interesting article regarding federal regulations for banks who wish to lend to marijuana-related companies. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the fed intends to make it easier for banks to deal with these companies in the past. That means companies like FITX and many of the others we’ve talked about should be able to open up avenues toward better funding. >>>READ ARTICLE

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

Our recent favorite, PROW, continued to provide ample opportunities yesterday as it opened up trading as low as .0315, before touching a daily high of .079, a 151% intraday spike. From the low following our initial alert (.0067) on December 20th, PROW had seen a monumental increase of 1080% at yesterday’s high.

Resource Ventures, Inc. REVI

Yesterday, REVI touched a new high since we’ve been following it, at .011. That marks an overall gain of up to 49% since our initial report on Tuesday. It traded better-than-average volume, and maintained the support we were looking to see held at .0085.

We’re still waiting for the potential upcoming Golden Cross that appears to be forming on the REVI chart.

Options Trading Idea: TSLA $175 and $180 Weekly Calls for possible daytrading opportunity.

Extended Watchlist:

PROW, REVI & Extended Watchlist

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

We first introduced PROW to our reports on December 20th, when it was trading at a low of .0065. At that time, we pointed out the likelihood of a Golden Cross, and witnessed one just a couple weeks later. That signaled what would turn out to be an astonishingly impressive week-long breakout to a high of .0488, a rise of 650% from our initial alert price. Quite a move, considering it only took a little over three weeks to transpire.

PROW, is also extremely relevant to yesterday’s report on REVI, because it illustrates the potential power of the elusive Golden Cross chart formation.

Resource Ventures, Inc. REVI

We were pleased with the quick-strike opportunity our alert on REVI offered us yesterday. After opening at its low of day (.0074) the stock surged to a subsequent high of .0105, affording sharp traders the chance at gains of up to 42% After receding from that initial push, the stock found support at .008, bouncing back to .009 before closing at .0087, up 17.5% on the day and trading over 30% more volume than its 3mo. average.

We consider that an extremely solid performance from a stock being mentioned in our reports for the first time, and our call of the possible bounce from the .0074-level couldn’t have been timed any better.

We’re not done following this play, however, as it appears this company is doing everything in its power to improve its process and ensure its positioning for positive growth in the future. We’ll leave the recent press highlights we outlined in yesterday’s special report intact below for anyone who might have missed it; we’re looking forward to seeing how the company follows through with everything it currently has in the works. We also have the impending Golden Cross angle to follow, as we mentioned above; REVI is even closer to its potential Golden Cross than PROW was when we first mentioned it. So the potential for further gains in the days and weeks to come is certainly present. While past performances are no guarantee of future results, we’ve seen the Golden Cross scenario play out so many times to a positive effect, that we would be remiss not to point it out.

We’re also looking at a fresh news release the company put out this morning:

SILVERADO CA–(Marketwired – Jan 22, 2014) – Resource Ventures, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: REVI) President Bob Thompson announced today that the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Resources Printing and Graphics, Inc. (RP&G) has achieved a milestone in their Promotional Products, in that the division has grown to represent more than 25% of the company’s overall revenue.

“15 years ago RP&G started their Promotional Products division to satisfy the many customer requests received on a daily basis, RP&G’s printing customers kept pressing us to take on more of their other graphic needs; they like the 24/7 service we offer, and just wanted us to do more for them,” said Bob Thompson, President of Resource Ventures Inc. “Now over a half million products are offered from pens to cups to watches; anything you want to put logo or message on, we can likely do.”


– Company expects to report over $2M in revenue for year ending 12/31/13, a year-over-year rise in in excess of 40-50% (Report due no later than 04/01)

– Planned exchange uplisting, process for which could begin as early as Q2

– Company has committed to timely release of all pertinent data while it remains on OTC Pink

– New online store “” in “fast-track development” mode

Extended Watchlist: