OXBT, PROW, RNN, BYD & Extended Watchlist

Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. OXBT

Our readers who have been with us since October will remember OXBT, and that we were fortunate enough to catch it at a low of 1.46 before it steamrolled its way up to 11.40, affording us the chance at gains of 681% We re-tagged it on December 19thafter the consolidation off of the initial spike brought the stock back to find a bottom at 4.20. Our timing on that alert ended being spot-on, as the pattern reversed and OXBT began to ascend once more. As of Friday, the stock had reached a high of 7.40, which represents a gain of 76% from the recent 4.20 low.High volume and a strong close at 7.35 for Friday’s session will ensure OXBT a spot on our watchlists as we kick off this new trading week.

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

We pointed out the Golden Cross in progress for PROW on Friday, and despite already having witnessed gains in excess of 515% from .0065 to Thursday’s high of .04 (Initial alert- 12/20/13) we were able to reap further profits as the stock continued to uptrend, topping out at .048 and settling back only slightly to close at .0472. That high pushed our max gains on PROW to 638% in less than a month’s time. Congrats to anyone to has been able to take advantage of this rapid-gainer.

As is the case with any stock that rises so quickly, we’ll need to execute our trades with tight stops, and be on the lookout for signs of a reversal while still remaining open to the possibility of a continued breakout.

Rexhan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. RNN

We’ve followed RNN from December 11th (Low .4026) onward, and have been duly rewarded for our persistence. Friday, we reminded everyone to be on the lookout for more solid gains, as we had already followed the stock up over 90% and were witnessing some heavy pre-market trading pushing the price even higher. RNN would go on to touch a new high for us at 1.19, which represents a gain of 196% from our initial alert low from just a month ago.

This took place on well over 15x the 3mo. average volume, with a healthy close at 1.14, so we’ll be watching RNN carefully today. Like our previously mentioned plays, RNN has been gaining a lot of ground over a short period of time, and should be monitored closely. Perhaps more so than the others, a quick peek at the chart shows it beginning to look overbought. Vigilance is key! In the event of a pullback, we’d like to see RNN hold support somewhere above the .80-level.

Boyd Gaming Corp. BYD

We want to add BYD to our watchlist today. We haven’t mentioned this one before, but are interested in both the building chart, and the sector in which the company operates. BYD operates over twenty gaming entertainment properties across Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Gaming stocks were a hot ticket in 2013, and with online gaming now being permitted in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, some folks believe that national regulation is ‘in the cards’. The gaming sector, both online and brick-and-mortar, is going to be one to watch intently in 2014.

Extended Watchlist: