Sweeping the Board with Options Runners

Clean Options Sweep:

Amid a huge day for the markets yesterday, our daily options ideas also bore fruit. We’ve missed on exactly one of the many targets we’ve formulated all week, demonstrating a fairly routine level of accuracy for us. Our regular readers are surely accustomed to our high hit rate, and as for all of you newcomers, you will begin to see that we run a pretty tight ship around here. Each day consists of a review of the previous sessions interests, a grouping of fresh options ideas wherever possible, and an extended watchlist of both small and large cap stocks to watch based on their premarket activity.

Yesterday’s premarket report brought three ideas for the day, and those targets were the MRNA Weekly $162.50-167.50 Calls, the SBUX Weekly $84-86 Calls, and the PYPL Weekly $98-101 Calls, with MRNA and SBUX both showing out as the big winners. Here are the intraday moves recorded by our designated plays:

MRNA Weekly $162.50-167.50 Calls
$162.50: 5.75-26.46 (+360%)
$165: 6.15-24.20 (+293%)
$167.50: 3.65-21.70 (+494%)

SBUX Weekly $84-86 Calls
$84: 1.22-4.00 (+228%)
$85: .72-3.15 (+332%)
$86: .37-2.28 (+516%)

PYPL Weekly $98-101 Calls
 3.43-4.60 (+39%)
$99: 2.85-3.95 (+39%)
$100: 2.28-3.28 (+44%)
$101: 1.83-2.67 (+46%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CI Weekly $277.50-282.50 Calls
COP Weekly $92-93 Calls
BABA Weekly $98-101 Calls
FTNT 08/19 $56-55 Puts

Extended Watchlist: 

Another Excellent Trading Week on the Books

Another Positive Options Performance: 

On Wednesday morning, we initiated coverage on a set of SPY Calls, the SPY 10/08 $430-431 Calls which provided instant results, as we were mentioning yesterday. In fact, those fared so well that rolled up to include the SPY 10/08 $436-438 Calls on our watchlist as well.

With yet another bullish session posted by the S&P, we saw impressive new highs in our previously tracked plays as well as some solid single session runs recorded by the updates strikes as well. The moves and total possible gains on all of those contract sets breaks down as follows:

SPY 10/08 $430-431 Calls
 2.24-11.17 (+399%)
$431: 1.82-10.77 (+492%)

SPY 10/08 $436-438 Calls
$436: 3.53-6.15 (+74%)
$437: 2.60-5.35 (+106%)
$437.50: 2.44-4.88 (+100%)
$438: 2.32-4.50 (+94%)

Our other two freshly formulated options plays from yesterday’s report were in the LEVI and HELE chains, and we got some positive activity on the day from those plays as well:

LEVI 10/15 $25-26 Calls
$25: .90-2.01 (+123%)
$26: .50-1.20 (+140%)

HELE 10/15 $220-230 Call
$220: 13.54-17.50 (+29%)
$230: 5.10-8.50 (+67%)

Fresh Options Idea:
TPTX 11/19 $45-50 Calls

American Leisure Holdings, Inc. AMLH  – Recap: 

To wrap things up during what has been an immensely successful trading week for both options and stocks, we have an update on AMLH. We flagged this play for observation for the first time on Sept. 22nd, and since then it has exhibited a multibag run. From our observed low of .0026, yesterday’s new high of .0074 works out to an increase of 185%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Winning Options Plays & More

Options Recap

Both of our options ideas from yesterday’s morning report ended up providing us with a chance at sizable single-session gains.

Canadian Solar, Inc. CSIQ

We caught CSIQ in the unique position of having just registered a new 52-week low in the previous session, and having its earnings beat expectations yesterday, so jumping on CSIQ Weekly $16.50-18 Calls ended up being a sound strategy right from the outset. The impressive intraday moves were as follows:

$16.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.20-1.76 – Max Gain: 47%
$17 Calls – Trading Range: .87-1.50 – Max Gain: 72%
$17.50 Calls– Trading Range: .30-.97 – Max Gain: 223%
$18 Calls – Trading Range: .27-.82 – Max Gain: 204%

Macy’s Inc. M

We went bearish on Macy’s yesterday, partly due to the overall downtrend the stock has seen in recent weeks, and as a reaction to yesterday morning’s disappointing earnings call. In this case our target range was the M Weekly $36-34 Puts and hefty gains were available across the board, including a big triple-bagger in the $34’s.

$36 Puts – Trading Range: 1.83-4.37  – Max Gain: 139%
$35.50 Puts – Trading Range: 1.40-3.79 – Max Gain: 171%
$35 Puts– Trading Range: 1.00-3.60 – Max Gain: 260%
$34.50 Puts – Trading Range: .83-2.88 – Max Gain: 247%
$34 Puts – Trading Range: .50-2.58 – Max Gain: 347%


Fresh Ideas:  To throw some other options ideas into the mix this morning, we’re going to be adding Monsanto Co. MON Weekly $102-106 Calls and Jack in the Box, Inc. JACK 05/20 $70 and $75 Calls to our track-list.

Cerebain Biotech Corp. CBBT

We put CBBT on our radars last Tuesday after noticing some increased activity in the stock. Since our mention, subsequent to which we observed a low .53, we’ve seen a good bit of progress leading up to yesterday’s high of 1.25. That’s an overall move of 136%

The high came just prior to the closing bell, at which CBBT held a PPS of 1.20 so we’ll continue to monitor the situation carefully. We’ve had success recently with low-float, low-volume plays, and CBBT fits that bill to a tee.

Extended Watchlist: