Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPY Calls, Bottom Bouncers & More

Fresh Options Idea

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – The SPY is one of our favorite funds to take advantage of when market conditions permit, and based on the general atmosphere this morning after crude oil’s impressive rally yesterday, we definitely want to signal a range of contracts for tracking.

We’re specifically looking for the heaviest activity to fall within the SPY Weekly $187-191 Calls*, with the SPY trading in the $189-range here in the premarket. If we do see a dip to start the day, we’ll need the subsequent bounce to occur above that $187-level for this idea to remain valid.

*Don’t forget that trading weekly options contracts on a Friday is an inherently risky proposition, as they are on the verge of expiration. It can, however, be a chance for experienced traders to take advantage as premiums dissipate and volatility increases. 

Decision Diagnostics Corp. DECN

DECN was included in our pool of interests from yesterday’s premarket report, and the stock went on to put up a respectable performance.

From a low of .15, DECN ran as high as .24 for potential intraday gains of up to 60% and the move happened with the aid of roughly nine times the monthly average volume.

TubeMogul, Inc.  TUBE

There have been a couple of events that have TUBE flirting with new relative lows this week. A nominal amount of insider selling seems to have coincided with some  third-party content in its news feed casting the stock in a disparaging light.

Events like these awaken the bargain hunters within us. The stock is approaching previous levels of support as we’ve pointed out on the chart below, so we’ll be monitoring for a possible reversal to occur in that channel in forthcoming sessions.

Synergy Resources Corp. SYRG

We’ve noticed SYRG trending up off of its own recent bottom over the past couple of sessions, and we like the overall look of the chart and the strength building therein. We’re looking for this stock to record higher highs and higher lows and continue to build momentum.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CCTC Update & More

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. CCTC

No sooner than we were commenting on CCTC’s fantastic performance in the month of September in yesterday’s morning report, did the stock continue to bull its way to new highs. As is plain to see on the included chart snapshot, it has mostly been one positive session after another.

We had just pointed out the 142% increase CCTC had made from our observed low of .36 to Friday’s high of .87, and the stock managed to impress us again. From a daily low of .851, it cracked through a big psychological barrier at a dollar, and managed a new high of 1.07. It figured in as a 26% intraday run, and extended our total observed increase in just over a couple of weeks to 197%

The chart is now well into overbought territory, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a bit of a pullback. In order for us to remain interested in CCTC, we’ll need to see it maintain support in the channel between .75-.65, at the lowest.

Ballard Power Systems, Inc. BLDP

A quick tag search for BLDP on our blog shows our long history with this stock, and we wanted to quickly re-mention it this morning. We most recently tagged it as a bottom-watch play on July 2nd after noticing the stock taking a big backslide. It has been mostly in a downtrend since that time, but we’re going to want to begin watching more intently.

The company inked a major deal to supply 300 buses in Foshan and Yunfu, China, with their fuel cell systems (>>View PR). According to a ‘Zacks’ article posted yesterday, BLDP’s transaction is “Valued at $17 million, and the deal will also bring in potential recurring royalties starting from 2017.”

We’ll continue to keep BLDP on our extended-term recovery watchlist.

Options Ideas For a Market Rebound

After five straight days of down markets, we’re going to be on the lookout for a rebound today. We’re seeing a gap-up here in early trading, so we wanted to venture a couple of options ideas if events play out as we expect.

We’re going to zero in on GoPro, Inc. GPRO and Facebook, Inc. FB for potential opportunities, specifically the GPRO Weekly $31-32.50 Calls, and the FB Weekly $90-91 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Wrapping Up the Short Week

American Green, Inc. ERBB

As we prepare to adjourn for the long holiday weekend, we want to circle back to an alert we issued on Monday regarding ERBB’s status as a potential bottom-bounce play. The resulting action fit neatly into that category, and all in all the stock went on to log solid move for the week.

It began with an initial dip to .0037 Monday, where the rebound began to occur. Yesterday the stock registered a high of .0045; that hashes out to a solid three-session swing of 22%

With the stock closing at .0042 yesterday, maintaining a good portion of its advances, we’ll want to keep a spot reserved on our watchlist for ERBB. We’ll look for it to continue registering higher highs and higher lows, and maintain support at the .0037-.004 range, eventually breaking back above resistance at .005.

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

PVSP is an old favorite favorite of ours; we tracked it over more than a thousand-percent gain early this year, as well as a nice 66% intraweek swing at the time of our last mention in the 1st week of June. The stock has been heating up again this week, with the PPS cracking above the 50DMA (.0014) yesterday, and managing a strong close one tick above at its high of day at .0015.

We’re going to look for the stock to make a strong finish to this short week, and keep our ears to the tracks for the forthcoming acquisition update promised in Monday’s letter to shareholders.  Apparently PVSP is putting the finishing touches on obtaining “a revenue-producing retail distribution company servicing the hydroponic and indoor grow facility market in Denver, Colorado. so we’ll be keen to receive further information on that when it becomes available.

Definitive Rest Mattress Co. DRMC

We wanted to recap the action on DRMC following its appearance in yesterday’s morning report. The stock executed a dip-and-rip pattern around midday that carried it over a range from .0027-.0035; an intraday move of +30%  This occurred on almost 3x the monthly average volume, but in and of itself the volume was still relatively light. A pickup in buying pressure could really send DRMC for a ride, so we’ll keep watch for that, and for the stock to continue maintaining support above the 50DMA.

SPY Options Update

On Tuesday, we formulated an idea for trading SPY options on the heels of some market pressure caused by the uncertainty surrounding the current situation in Greece. We would look at 205.50-207 Puts and Calls until a trend was firmly established, and then determine our course of action. When the SPY found support above the 200DMA and began to rebound, that’s when we were able to identify the Call-side as the way to play, and the bulk of the action came in the $207′s during yesterday’s session.

There were multiple swings of significant magnitude which provided potential gains. First, from .90-1.26 (40%), followed by another from .75-1.00 (33%), and a third which ranged from .66-1.05 (59%). That worked out to a cumulative total of 132%  for the day.

Extended Watchlist:
HNSN, PVCT, BLDP, NAVB, TSLA($275-280 Calls, watch for dip-and-rip)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LNKD Options Update & More

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD – Options

A week ago today, we formulated some options ideas for LNKD including a range of longer-term contracts for our watchlist, specifically August $220.00-230.00 Calls. This morning we wanted to give an update on the trading ranges of those contracts and the opportunities they have afforded us thus far.

08/21 $220 Calls – Range: 9.80-14.30 – Max Gain: 46%
08/21 $225 Calls – Range: 8.02-11.30 – Max Gain: 41%
08/21 $230 Calls – Range: 5.10-9.35 – Max Gain: 83%

We want to keep in mind that we essentially have all summer to continue monitoring these contracts. The swings we’ve seen up to this point could just be the tip of the iceberg, so we won’t let LNKD slip off of our radars. The stock has been on a steady rebound from recent lows since the end of May. We’ll be looking for it to continue to building the chart with higher highs and higher lows; key resistance is presently sitting at the 50DMA of 226.39.

Medican Enterprises, Inc. MDCN

We also need to remind our readers of a recent bottom-watch call we made in the form of MDCN. This cannabis-related play has appeared in our reports several times; most recently on May 26th. At the time we mentioned that the stock was searching for support after a months-long downtrend, and that we felt the possibility of a rebound was forthcoming.

While it took several sessions to occur, MDCN finally found its legs yesterday with an 85% swing from .0013-.0024. It closed with strength, maintaining more than 50% of its daily gains on heavy volume, so we’ll definitely continue to observe the action here for the possibility of a multi-day run.

TapImmune, Inc. TPIV

Another stock that we tagged earlier this spring has been making serious moves. Just to update, we tagged TPIV on April 16th and at the time the stock was trading below .20. Since then, it has increased more than three-fold, now pushing its way up into the mid-.80′s.

This stock could produce ample bounce-play opportunities when it finally does consolidate off of this latest run-up, so we’ll put it on closer watch into next week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SOPW Recap & More

Solar Power, Inc. SOPW

On Friday, in a stroke of flawless timing, we highlighted SOPW as a potential bottom-play. The stock had been in virtual freefall for the better part of the past month. The combination of that heavy overselling and a morning PR announcing a 6-month, $50M share buyback program earned the stock top billing in our premarket report. >>> READ PR

It turned out to be a great decision, as SOPW registered a solid intraday move from 1.47-1.98 (+35%), and it managed to close just one tick below its high of day, at 1.97.

That performance firmly qualifies this play for continued observation this morning as it has effectively gone from a bottom play to a momentum play. We’ll want to be on the lookout for the possibility of some early profit-taking and consolidation, followed by a subsequent bounce.

There’s a fresh PR hitting the wires this morning that folks might want to check out >>TODAY’S PR

Auri, Inc. AURI

AURI was a great play for us at the beginning of last week as it gave us an opportunity to bank gains of more than 100%. Following the huge spike, we left off on Tuesday by mentioning that we’d “keep our eyes on the price action as the week progresses” and it was a good thing that we didn’t let it slip off of our radar.

AURI came down to ultimately find support at .0027 on Thursday, and on Friday it surged back to a high of .0061, so anyone who continued to pay attention had the opportunity to take advantage of a 126% swing.

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

We also want to do a quick recap of PVSP’s performance from Tuesday to Thursday. We’ve covered this play quite a bit this spring, and on Monday, we warned our readers that another upswing could be in the making. We certainly did see one, as PVSP ripped from its low of .0009 on Tuesday past the penny-barrier to a high of .0015 just two sessions later; it marked an intraweek move of 66%

Moving forward, we’ll want to see the stock continue to build higher lows, ideally holding support at .001 on any pullbacks.

Extended Watchlist: