BBY Options & Extended Watchlist

Best Buy Co, Inc. BBY
Yesterday morning, we mentioned that we would be “monitoring the in-the-money Calls on BBY… with a strike price at $33.50 and below.” It turned out to be a good decision, as the $33.50 08/23 BBY Calls ran hard out of the gate, only to dip to a low of .50 before an afternoon increase to a new high of 1.44, and settling in to close just a few ticks below at 1.42.

Yesterday was proof-positive that strong earnings reports like the one BBY released on Monday are often conducive to generating chances for sizable options-trading gains. The move marked the opportunity for intraday gains of up to 188%

Earnings-release season is winding down for now, but given all of the success we’ve had in situations like the one that presented itself here, we’re sure to be ready and waiting to take full advantage once the next season begins in a few months’ time.

Wild Craze, Inc.  WILD
The inevitable end to the recent spike for WILD came yesterday, as the stock tanked back to a low of .32, however, opportunity presented itself once again in the form of a bounce back to .a high of .594.

Our original mention of the stock yielded a possible gain 63% as we saw it move from .35 to .57.  Then yesterday’s bounce added a chance at another 52% on top of that, bringing our cumulative gains on WILD so far to as much as 115%  In the event we see another pullback, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for similar bounce-action to follow.

Extended Watchlist:
EWSI, SGOC, OINK, VELT(Gapping down to all time lows keep on watch for a potential bounce)

WILD, ALVR, EFUT & Extended Watchlist

Wild Craze, Inc.  WILD
WILD continues to earn itself top billing in our morning reports with its performance. Since we first mentioned the stock on Thursday,we’ve seen an impressive range from a low of .35 to yesterday’s high of .565, a 61% increase. From yesterday’s low alone (.41), traders could have seen gains of up to 38%  Our call earned us an honorable mention on yesterday’s Penny Stock Rumble for high volume.

The stock broke through its previous resistance and closed on a bullish note, just a few ticks below the high-of-day. As you can see on the chart, several factors seem to indicate a stock that still has some room to grow.

Yesterday we stated that we were looking for higher lows and highers highs to remain interested in this play. That’s just what we got, and we’ll be on the lookout for the same thing today. The next key areas of resistance are pointed out below, with the most immediate obstacle at .64.

Watchlist Gainers

We had a pair of winners on yesterday’s Extended Watchlist as well, in the form of EFUT and ALVR.

EFUT ran fast out of the gate, and quick-witted traders could have been in at 4.15 and out at the subsequent 6.00-high for gains of up to 45%

ALVR made an even more impressive move, running 87% intraday from an early morning low of .7311 to the high of 1.37 just prior to lunchtime.

Options Trading Ideas

– Best Buy (BBY) released earnings that exceeded expectations on the Street and is in the process of a pre-market gap-up. As a result, we’ll be monitoring the in-the-money Calls on BBY during today’s session with a strike price at $33.50 and below.

– We’re also still looking at VCLK to continue to recover from a poor earnings report, as we mentioned the $24 09/21 Calls yesterday. These are not especially time sensitive, with an expiration date late next month, so this is more of a longer-term interest that we will be following in the coming weeks.

Extended Watchlist:

WILD, Options Trading Idea & Extended Watchlist

Wild Craze, Inc.  WILD
WILD touched a new high following our mention of the stock on Friday morning. After opening at .38, the stock traded as high as .435, marking an intraday move of roughly 14.5%, and a jump of 24% from the low following our original mention of the play on Thursday. This was after we caught wind of several groups that were planning a round of promotions.

The company has more untraded-upon news on the wire this morning, so we’ll be monitoring WILD for any added gains today. We’re looking for higher highs and higher lows today in order to confirm our interest in this play.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., Aug 19, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Wild Craze, Inc. (the “Company”) (OTCBB: WILD), an innovative consumer brands company, today announced that the Company has opened a new sales and distribution center in Oakville, Ontario, located outside of Toronto, to expand its existing business in Canada.

The Company currently sells its EcoAquariums in Canada in approximately 15 independent stores and two regional chains and there are immediate plans to introduce in Canada the E-Bird RC and the RC Rattlesnake, a radio controlled bird and snake for all ages to enjoy, before the holiday season.

Options Trading Idea

VCLK recently tanked off of a poor earnings report, gapping down significantly. It has been building support and coming off of those recent lows, and it appears there’s a possibility of the stock filling the gap back to the $24 level. In the event that occurs, the $21 09/21 Calls would be significantly in the money. They last traded 1.35 on Friday.

Extended Watchlist: