Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Continued Options Success

Twitter, Inc. TWTR – Options Recap

Our first order of business in today’s options-heavy report is to go over the second straight session of excellent intraday runs TWTR Weekly $15-16 Calls which we designated as targets in Wednesday morning’s premarket report.

This midweek, Twitter had posted losses that were less than expected in conjunction with rising user numbers. It has provided us with some really good opportunities, which were as follows:

$15 Calls – Range: .84-1.61 – Max Gain: 92%
$15.50 Calls – Range: .39-1.10 – Max Gain: 151%
$16 Calls – Range: .13-.63 – Max Gain: 384%

At this point these contracts owe us nothing. Granted that these are weeklies and it’s Friday, coupled with the fact that the stock has rushed into heavily overbought territory in just a short time, we’re fine moving on to the next thing which we’ll get to in a moment.

United Parcel Service, Inc. UPS

First we want to go over our UPS options idea that we formulated fresh for yesterday’s premarket report. This was another earnings-related idea, as a great deal of our options calls tend to be, and it worked like an absolute charm.

We signaled the UPS 05/05 $108-111 Calls and every single contract in that range produced chances for spectacular multi-bag gains on the day, with the $111′s stealing the show on a seven-bagger!

$108 Calls – Range: .48-1.70 – Max Gain: 254%
$109 Calls – Range: .23-.99 – Max Gain: 330%
$110 Calls – Range: .21-.52 – Max Gain: 148%
$111 Calls – Range: .04-.33 – Max Gain: 725%

These plays, we can leave on our radars as they don’t expire until the end of next week. If UPS manages to convincingly crack through the 200DMA at 109.00, things could get very interesting.

Western Digital Corp. WDC – Fresh Idea

As for the play that’s catching our attention on this morning’s scan, we’ve got yet another post-earnings target with WDC. The stock has been trading in an upward channel for the better part of a year now, and the company just put out a solid beat for Q3 while issuing a bolstered Q4 outlook.

We’ll try to take advantage of the commotion it’s causing on the chart with the WDC Weekly $90-92.50 Calls, but please remember the warning we always give in these situations: Never attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are a highly experienced trader- it’s an exceedingly risky proposition.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options, Updates & More

Twitter, Inc. TWTR – Options Recap

Our formulated ideas for the TWTR options chain from yesterday morning’s premarket report turned out to offer up some fantastic chances to profit. We spotted just the right conditions before market hours and pounced, designating the TWTR Weekly $15-16 Calls to be our targets.

It certainly wasn’t the first time we’ve used Twitter in this manner, and it probably won’t be the last. Regardless of which set of contracts was chosen, multi-bag, single-session gains were there for the taking:

$15 Calls – Range: .30-1.49 – Max Gain: 397%
$15.50 Calls – Range: .40-1.00 – Max Gain: 150%
$16 Calls – Range: .21-.61 – Max Gain: 190%

FRESH Options Idea: UPS 05/05 $108-111 Calls

Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. AKBA

An honorable mention from yesterday’s report was AKBA, which we tagged for observation after noticing some abnormal premarket activity on our routine morning scan.

The stock traded in a respectable range from a low of 11.08 to as high as 13.94. That works out to an intraday move of 26% which came on massive volume of an astonishing 110X the 30-day average! It also managed to close holding roughly half of its daily increase at 12.50, so we’re definitely going to be on the lookout for continued activity in AKBA, which could include a dip-and-rip pattern at some point.

American Leisure Holdings, Inc. AMLH

We tracked AMLH over some monstrous gains from the end of March, to earlier this month. The move took it from super-subpenny lows of .0003 to a high of .007 (+2233%), so we weren’t at all surprised to see a consolidation period follow over the next several sessions.

The stock did however find support and make a reversal off of the .0029 level beginning last week, and heading back up to its previous high of .007 yesterday, marking a 141% swing. We’ll look for the stock to break through that resistance at .007, which would effectively put AMLH into Blue Sky Breakout mode, and trading at its highest prices since the Fall of 2015.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SIRG Review, Options Update & More

TripAdvisor, Inc. TRIP – Options Update

After witnessing intraday gains from 380-650% from the range of TRIP Weekly Calls we tagged for tracking on Wednesday (as well as a 120% pop from the 10/30 $85 Calls we also signaled) , we continued to monitor those contracts yesterday and were met with further opportunities.

$80 Calls – Daily Range: .90-3.50 – Max Gain: 288%
$81 Calls – Daily Range: .55-2.10 – Max Gain: 281%
$82 Calls – Daily Range: .30-1.40 – Max Gain: 366%

The majority of the open interest in the original range of contracts we highlighted (78.50-82.50 Calls) fell in the $80′s and above, and that’s also where we’ll want to see the stock maintain support on any pullbacks. We’ll continue to look for action there as the week draws to a close.

We’ll also continue to keep an eye on the 10/30 $85 Calls over the next couple of weeks leading up to their expiration.

Fresh Options Idea:

Youku Todou, Inc. YOKU Is gapping up considerably in the premarket after Alibaba (BABA) submitted an offer to buy the company’s streaming video service. We’ll be looking for action in the Weekly $23-26 Calls, as well as a longer-term idea of the 10/06 $27 Calls in the event of a sustained breakout.

*Just to float the usual reminder for a Friday session: Volatility rises in options contracts with a weekly expiration which heightens the risk-reward factor considerably, so extreme caution should be exercised.

Sierra Resources Group, Inc. SIRG 

We flagged SIRG in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and the stock had a heck of a session, hurtling out of super-subpenny territory. From an early morning low of .0007, the stock stair-stepped its way to an afternoon high of .0015.

That registered as an intraday gain of 114% and the move occurred on volume which exceeded the monthly average by approximately three times.

Added Note:

Speaking of super-subpenny movers that we’ve been tracking; Manzo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MNZO appeared on our watchlist last Wednesday and has since produced a healthy swing. We observed a low of .0003 subsequent to our mention of the stock, followed by a high of .001, which is equal to a 233%

Both this and SIRG serve as good examples of why we’d never completely abandon speculation in subpenny stocks. There’s always a chance that the next high-flyer is just around the corner, and as you can see, the possible gains over a short period can be quite substantial.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TRTC, RPRX Recaps & MKHD

Mount Knowledge Holdings, Inc. MKHD

MKHD is one that we want to flag this morning after our news scanner picked up an intriguing PR that just hit the wires. Apparently the company has moved to acquire cyber-security firm Civergy, Inc, which apparently generated revenue in excess of $35M last year.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this stock, which is unaccustomed to heavy trading, responds to this significant development.

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – September 29, 2014) – Mount Knowledge Holdings, Inc. (MKHD), a software development and sales company focused on providing innovative technology solutions announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of Civergy, Inc, >>> VIEW PR

Terra Tech Corp. TRTC

Among the cannabis plays that we were watching for a resurgence on Friday was TRTC, which put forth a significantly fruitful session as the stock came out of the gate at .25 and ran up as high as .33 on volume exceeding twice the 3-month average.

That move was good for intraday gains of up to 32% and marked the fourth consecutive day that TRTC registered both higher lows and higher highs. It leaves the stock firmly near the top of our marijuana watchlist which is certain to garner more attention as we approach voting season.

Repros Therapeutics, Inc. RPRX

We also saw a nice pop out of RPRX, which appeared in Friday’s extended watchlist, and would go on to post a solid performance on the day. After trading as low as 9.23, we witnessed a run to 11.18, a bullish move of 21% on just a shade under four times its 3-month average volume.

It’s a good signal that after the recent beatdown of the stock from the $14+ range that we’re seeing a turnaround, so we’ll definitely have RPRX on our radar going forward.

Extended Watchlist:

CBIS, OLIE, BGMD & Extended Watchlist

Cannabis Science Inc.  CBIS

CBIS is among the medical marijuana cast of characters that we’ve been following for a very long time. We began tracking this play almost two years ago, and have certainly seen a fair bit of dips and rips during that time. Freshest in our minds would be our alerts from this past February, at which point we witnessed huge gains as CBIS rose from the .04-range all way up to .1195.

We decided that now was as good a time as any to re-alert this play, as we’ve noticed it coming off of its 52-week low at .0299. At this time of year, it’s common to see stocks being subjected to tax-loss selling. We want to be on our guard as this period winds down, when selling pressure is likely to be alleviated. Stocks like CBIS stand to gain ground when that happens, as we head into 2014.

Olie, Inc. OLIE

OLIE turned out to be a well-timed call for us from yesterday. The stock may have ended the session in the red, but not before running from .0082 all the way up to a high of .02! That was good for an intraday mega-move of 147% on almost ten times the 3mo. average volume.

As we said, there was a significant pullback into the close at .0097, and with the kind of volatility we’re seeing out of OLIE, we definitely want to pay attention heading into week’s end. Further opportunities could certainly present themselves.

BG Medicine, Inc. BGMD

We had BGMD in yesterday’s extended watchlist, as we were tracking its pullback off of a recent spike. We did in fact get the bounce that we were looking for; following its morning low of .87, the stock would go on to hit a high of 1.05. A strong close at 1.04 suggests that momentum could carry over, and indeed we are seeing the stock gapping up in pre-market trading today.

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