Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Potential Momentum Plays & More

Skystar Bio Pharmaceutical Company SKBI

SKBI is new to us, and it caught our eye as one we’re going to need to watch over coming sessions. It has recently been trending up on light volume, and we like the setup of the chart; as you can see below there are a number of tech indicators pointing to the possibility of further gains. We’ve got a rapidly strengthening RSI rushing toward the 50-line, along with a recent MACD cross showing sharp upward divergence.

We’re going to want to see SKBI hold the low .60′s range as support going forward to maintain our confidence in its ability to keep stringing together more positive sessions.

Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. COLV

COLV was included in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist as an item of interest, and it did perform well enough for us to leave it on our radar to watch for a possible continuation of momentum.

The stock traded in a range from .0011 to .0015 for a modest 36% intraday burst, and it came in on slightly higher than average volume. In order to hold our attention, COLV needs to continue to establish higher base levels of support so to start with we’ll be looking for it to maintain above yesterday’s .001 swing-low.

Penn Virginia Corp. PVAH

We mentioned PVAH in yesterday’s daily report, and the stock posted a decent intraday performance even despite having been recently delisted from the NYSE and relegated to trading on the OTC.

From an early low of .058 the stock managed a healthy 46% pop, running as high as .0848 on the day. Like the aforementioned play, we want to see PVAH trade no lower than yesterday’s low to keep our interest piqued into next week.

Extended Watchlist:
TALK, BTFL,MCOA, GDPM(coming off lows), SIRG(momentum play)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SIRG Review, Options Update & More

TripAdvisor, Inc. TRIP – Options Update

After witnessing intraday gains from 380-650% from the range of TRIP Weekly Calls we tagged for tracking on Wednesday (as well as a 120% pop from the 10/30 $85 Calls we also signaled) , we continued to monitor those contracts yesterday and were met with further opportunities.

$80 Calls – Daily Range: .90-3.50 – Max Gain: 288%
$81 Calls – Daily Range: .55-2.10 – Max Gain: 281%
$82 Calls – Daily Range: .30-1.40 – Max Gain: 366%

The majority of the open interest in the original range of contracts we highlighted (78.50-82.50 Calls) fell in the $80′s and above, and that’s also where we’ll want to see the stock maintain support on any pullbacks. We’ll continue to look for action there as the week draws to a close.

We’ll also continue to keep an eye on the 10/30 $85 Calls over the next couple of weeks leading up to their expiration.

Fresh Options Idea:

Youku Todou, Inc. YOKU Is gapping up considerably in the premarket after Alibaba (BABA) submitted an offer to buy the company’s streaming video service. We’ll be looking for action in the Weekly $23-26 Calls, as well as a longer-term idea of the 10/06 $27 Calls in the event of a sustained breakout.

*Just to float the usual reminder for a Friday session: Volatility rises in options contracts with a weekly expiration which heightens the risk-reward factor considerably, so extreme caution should be exercised.

Sierra Resources Group, Inc. SIRG 

We flagged SIRG in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and the stock had a heck of a session, hurtling out of super-subpenny territory. From an early morning low of .0007, the stock stair-stepped its way to an afternoon high of .0015.

That registered as an intraday gain of 114% and the move occurred on volume which exceeded the monthly average by approximately three times.

Added Note:

Speaking of super-subpenny movers that we’ve been tracking; Manzo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MNZO appeared on our watchlist last Wednesday and has since produced a healthy swing. We observed a low of .0003 subsequent to our mention of the stock, followed by a high of .001, which is equal to a 233%

Both this and SIRG serve as good examples of why we’d never completely abandon speculation in subpenny stocks. There’s always a chance that the next high-flyer is just around the corner, and as you can see, the possible gains over a short period can be quite substantial.

Extended Watchlist:

Incoming search terms:

  • spitet4u

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TRIP Recap, Bottom-Watcher & More

TripAdvisor, Inc. TRIP

Based on what we were seeing in yesterday’s premarket activity, we floated several sets of contracts to monitor for opportunities. The Weekly 78.50-82.50 Calls were our short term target range, with a longer-term idea of the 10/30 $85 Calls.

The biggest winners among those sets of contracts were the $80, $81, and $82.50 Calls, and we even saw a big jump in our longer-term calls as well.

$80 Calls
– Daily Range: .85-4.10 – Max Gain: 382%
$81 Calls – Daily Range: .66-3.20 – Max Gain: 385%
$82.50 Calls – Daily Range: .30-2.25 – Max Gain: 650%
10/30 $85 Calls – Daily Range: 1.00-2.20 – Max Gain: 120%

Remember, yesterday we also mentioned that TRIP has a gap on the chart from roughly 86.50 to the $92 area. We’re still going to be open to the possibility of seeing that happen in coming sessions. Naturally, we’d have to re-assess and roll up our strike prices to stay closer to the money if things indeed unfold in that manner. Should we see another dip, we’ll just want to be sure TRIP continues to record higher lows each day in order to hold our attention.

Terra Tech Corp. TRTC

We want to radar TRTC as a potential bottom play. The stock recently came down to find support around a previous swing low from this summer, and is showing signs of life.

This morning the company released a positive PR relating to its cannabis products now being available in many more dispensary locations in California. We’ll be anxious to see how the combination of the news, and a ripening chart affects TRTC’s PPS in the days ahead.

Terra Tech Subsidiary IVXX Adds 60 New California Retailers Following New California Legislation (Thu 8:30AM EDT)

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GBSN Review & More

Great Basin Scientific, Inc. GBSN

If it wasn’t already clear why we kept GBSN on bottom-watch for the past three weeks since our initial flag, yesterday’s continued uptrend brought it into much clearer focus.

Yesterday, after we re-alerted our readers that it had finally lifted off from its annual lows with a nice 50% intraday move, we mentioned that we wanted to see the stock establish a higher base of support as well as new highs, and it got a good start toward that end.

From its morning low of .098, the stock hurtled its way up to a daily high of .1389, which represents an intraday swing of 63%, and from its ultimate low of a nickel from the session prior, an overall increase of 178%

Once again, we’ll look for GBSN to exhibit signs of a more sustained recovery in sessions to come; as a quick view of the current chart reveals, the stock is still in heavily oversold territory and still looking bullish. We’ll want to see it maintain support at a minimum of .0785 to consider the uptrend still in effect.

Heron Therapeutics, Inc. HRTX

HRTX is gapping up heavily in the premarket today on the heels of yesterday’s revelation that the company’s bunionectomy pain drug generated exceedingly positive top-line results in Phase II studies. There is a conference call that just got underway at 8:30AM Eastern discussing the results of that study.

Despite the excitement being shown presently, leading up to this series of events, the HRTX Chart was on its way down and looking ripe for further losses, with the PPS sinking below the 50DMA for the first time since early August, a weakening RSI, and a bearish MACD.  We’re going to be looking at a way to take advantage as the stock pulls back off of this morning’s perhaps over-inflated excitement.

If it turns out as we suspect it may, we’ll look for action in the HRTX Weekly $45 and $42.50 Puts, however, in the event that it appears a bigger move up is imminent, we’d need to hop to the other side of the fence, and in that case, we’d most likely look to the Weekly $40 Calls.

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. CCTC

We first put CCTC on watch a couple of weeks back, including in our reports on both the 9th and 10th of this month. On those first two days, we witnessed a 42% run from .45-.64, which preceded a pullback to a low of .36 the following day (11th).

Since that time, CCTC has been on a steady incline, and yesterday stock reached a new high of .7238, which marks a seven-session swing of 101% Both it and GBSN have clearly demonstrated why it’s smart to keep a continuous eye on stocks appear to present a good opportunity. Occasionally it takes several days for an idea to mature, but as we saw in both cases here, our initial instincts did prove correct.

Extended Watchlist:

Incoming search terms:

  • www triplealert com

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CHKE Recap, Options Ideas & More

Cherokee, Inc. CHKE – Update

We flagged CHKE yesterday as a stock we felt was undervalued coming off of a particularly rough month that saw it get beaten back to new 52-week lows. Our ‘bottom-feeding’ sense immediately kicked in, and in a timely fashion at that. The stock did indeed exhibit the early signs of a recovery, registering higher lows than the session prior, and making a modest move up from 14.67-15.83 (+8%).

We’re going to want to continue to track CHKE for the possibility of a protracted rebound (Remember, there is also a massive gap to fill on the chart), and in that event we’ll be looking to possibly take advantage using the CHKE options chain. We’ll look at the only contracts that had open interest yesterday, which were the 10/16 $17.50 Calls (Last Trade: .30).

If CHKE were to regain even half of the ground lost between its current PPS and that of a month ago, those calls will be pushed deep into the money, and would provide us with a chance to profit tidily.

Santo Mining Corp. SANP

SANP is a super-subpenny play we flagged for observation on Monday, and it didn’t take very long for us to observe a nice move from the stock. Following a low of .0003 on Tuesday, SANP has made a good intraweek swing of 133%, trading as high as .0007 yesterday on volume which exceeded the monthly average volume by six times.

There really wasn’t a heck of a lot going on with this play prior to the beginning of this month, and this weeks activity has come on the heels of the company securing a new Chief Market Officer with an impressive resume, so we’ll be interested to follow along and see what he has in store in the way of changes for SANP.


Added Note:

Speaking of super-subpennies, Embarr Downs, Inc. EMBR has caught our eye this morning as a play that bounced off of its 52-week low and made a brief move into subpenny territory yesterday. We’ll have this one on watch as well, in case further action provides a chance for quick intraday strikes.

Extended Watchlist: