Recapping Runners, 5 Fresh Ideas

Monday’s Movers:

We hope that our readers will accept this morning’s newsletter with our apologies. It’s rare that we miss sending out a report on a trading day, but there was a family emergency that prevented us from doing so yesterday. What we’ll do this morning, is circle back around for the ideas we placed on watch in Monday’s report.

We had the PPC 03/15 $30-31 Calls, the DPZ Weekly $455-465 Calls, and the LI Weekly $38-39 Calls. In the case of the PPC and LI Calls, the following figures represent two-day upswings through yesterday, while the DPZ’s indicate only Monday’s run. Here’s what we got out of those picks, including three thousand percent-plus moves from those LI plays:

PPC 03/15 $30-31 Calls
: .69-2.45 (+255%)
$31: .39-1.65 (+323%)

DPZ Weekly $455-465 Calls
: 5.41-19.82 (+266%)
$460: 4.30-17.90 (+316%)
$465: 3.36-13.50 (+302%)

LI Weekly $38-39 Calls
$38: .75-8.35 (+1013%)
$38.50: .66-7.80 (+1082%)
$39: .56-7.36 (+1214%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CPNG Weekly $17.50-18.50 Calls
BYND Weekly $11.50-12.50 Calls
EBAY Weekly $45.50-46.50 Calls
COIN Weekly $210-215 Calls
MARA Weekly $32-33 Calls

SoundHound AI, Inc. (NASDAQ:SOUN) – Recap:

We signaled interest in SOUN on our extended watchlist from the morning of the 15th, and have been really impressed with the move up from 3.11-7.91 that the stock has exhibited in these past couple of weeks. For a NASDAQ to make a 154% run in such a short time span is fairly remarkable.

Extended Watchlist: