Blue Horseshoe Stock Report – 08/22/11

eMax Holdings Corp. EMXC

EMXC has settled in to build a nice base at .0015 and .0016. We continuously witness the stock building higher levels of support on its ascent from .0005. This new level of support should be the next springboard for another upswing. Like all stocks we monitor, we watch closely for resistance levels being broken, and the next one on this chart seems to be sitting roughly at .0024.If you notice the chart, we have pointed out the fact that the RSI seems to be heavily linked to the PPS, and seems to show strength as the price surges. Alternatively, we can see that buying opportunities are afforded when the RSI dips into a trough, like we are currently observing.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

We are looking at EXTO again, as the chart shapes up nicely. The stock has built significant support at the current base of .007. If we look back a few months, we notice that the this stock likes to surge on heavy volume.We have also seen a MACD cross in the past week, which is a bullish indicator that we are always on the lookout for. If you’ll notice the red candle showing yesterday’s trading range, which we feel is an unfair representation.

We are vigilant traders, and constantly monitoring the Level 2’s on stocks we cover, and we can assure you that the .006’s that printed Friday morning were negligible, and chances are, no one was able to secure a significant position at that level.

Dinewise, Inc. DWIS

There are several things happening on the DWIS chart this morning as well. Aside from a rising RSI, and an impending cross of the MACD,  we notice that this is another stock that rises easily on heavy volume.In addition, the last occurrence of a MACD cross also brought a spike on the order of .08 to .13. High volume in May signaled a run all the way up to .18. August has brought higher volume to the stock, and it seems as if conditions are just right for another upswing.

Blue Horseshoe Stock Report – 08/19/11

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO is processing a name change from Exit Only, Inc. to Bayport Corporation, however in light of the circumstances, perhaps a change to Entry Only, Inc. is in order! We are exceedingly pleased with this stock today, after a blockbuster PR took it on a ride Thursday.

It can be difficult to maintain focus on other things when a company announces the potential for well over $1M dollars A DAY in gold production (and that is rounding all of their expected figures DOWN considerably), as extrapolated from the assay results of the company’s “WOW Property”, which alluded to the fact that the company can expect to retrieve .324 oz. of pure gold from every ton of ore they process.

Granted the fact that they intend to pull 5,000 tons of ore from the property on a daily basis, any kid with basic math skills could tell you that this thing is a true GOLDEN opportunity.

eMax Holdings Corp. EMXC

As for EMXC,, we have been falling in love with the chart that it has formed over the past couple of weeks. This stock has been on a consistent uptrend since it first came to our attention, building higher levels of support all the while.

We saw a little pullback this week, and EMXC has bounced nicely off of support at the .0015-16 range. Any flipper or day trader could have an absolute field day with this play, however we are in it for the long haul, as we love the slow and steady increases in PPS.

Based on the recent chart history, we are expecting to see EMXC crack back into .002+ territory. We also located a video chart on EMXC that you may find informative.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO – News Out! August 18th, 2011

Bayport Corporation Announces the Acquisition of the Mineral Claim Rights Located in Utah for the WOW Property and Anticipates Production Beginning No Later Than October 2011

SANTA MONICA, CA, Aug 18, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Exit Only, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EXTO) today announced that its recently acquired Bayport Corporation wholly owned subsidiary, Cosmic American Rare Earth (CARE), Inc. has acquired what the company believes to be high in value, the mineral claim rights of the WOW Property for 10,000,000 restricted shares. This is a placer property which allows for a more simple process of mining to be executed versus lode mining. The WOW Property is located in the Salt Lake Meridian Township within the southwest region of Utah.

The assay from the WOW Property has confirmed .324 ounces of gold per ton per day from sustained positive results from testing where 5,000 tons of earth per day is expected to be turned. This assay report for the WOW Property was done by Advanced Laboratories, Inc. under LAB NO. 30255-01. A copy of the Test Certificate of the assay report will be placed on the company’s website to view under the name of the company’s Mining Consultant, Mel Carson. A total of 1,620 ounces of gold per day is expected to be generated from this claim. The company expects the net cost for mining the claims for gold to be less than $600 per ounce of gold.

Silver and platinum were also present within this assay report, returning .277 and .005 ounces per ton respectively to be extracted at the same time of the gold extraction. A total of 1,385 ounces of silver and 25 ounces of platinum per day are expected to be generated from this claim. The company expects the net cost for mining the claims for silver and platinum to be less expensive due to being processed at the same time the company extracts the gold from these claims.

The company’s claims can be found within the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) database under the BLM’s Land & Mineral Legacy Rehost 2000 System (LR2000) for Utah under its subsidiary CARE, Inc. and other claims information below:

Serial Number      Quad     Claim Name    Claimant    Case Type    Section 
-------------   ---------   ----------   ----------   ---------   ---------
UMC409842         SW SE         WOW      CARE, INC.     384201       005   
UMC409842         SW SE         WOW      CARE, INC.     384201       006   
UMC409842         SW SE         WOW      CARE, INC.     384201       008

President of Bayport James Louis Porter was quoted as saying, “We are all excited over this latest acquisition. The WOW Property was originally chosen for the significant amount of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) that are present there. We were excited to find the amount of gold, silver, and platinum present within the claims.”

More information will be released to further explain Bayport Corporation’s interests in other newly acquired gold and REEs properties to include other advancements from the company. We are coordinating private financing that would support us creating a plan of operation in anticipation of beginning production no later than the end of October 2011.

The company has coordinated with FINRA for officially changing the company’s name to Bayport Corporation and the assignment of a new ticker. We have also coordinated with the CUSIP Bureau for obtaining a new CUSIP#.

About Bayport Corporation

Bayport Corporation is a company formed to exploit the various precious minerals in the U.S. and Canada and to acquaint the public with practical investment opportunities in strategic metals and minerals. Bayport Corporation is a multi-faceted holding company active in strategic metals and precious minerals, energy production, wholesale seafood sales, natural foods processing, health and beauty products. The company is primarily focused on precious metals, rare earth, and other critical strategic metals. Bayport Corporation is developing mining properties with economic potential and the aim of bringing such properties to commercial production. The company’s portfolio of properties is primarily located in the prolific western USA in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming.