JNJ Update & More

Johnson & Johnson JNJ – Update

At the beginning of last week, upon the news of Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine efforts, we highlighted a range of longer term calls in the options chain, and we wanted to kick things off today by relaying the performance that those have produced in a week’s time.

We highlighted the JNJ 09/18 $150-155 Calls, and they are off to a decent start. Here are the total ranges and possible gains on the pair:

09/18 $150-155 Calls
 2.90-4.40 (+52%)
$155: 2.27-3.15 (+39%)

With the markets gapping up big today, and JNJ along with them, we expect to see those gains extended at the open, and with plenty of time before expiration, the sky is the limit at this point. We are also going to venture an idea for this week alone. with the JNJ Weekly $134-137 Calls.

Fresh Options Ideas: 

In the case of the SPY, which we typically use as a market analog when we want to trade on current trends, we are going to be watching Weekly $258-260 Calls AND Puts. There is a very good chance that following the surge to start this short trading week, we could also see a significant pullback. We typically don’t straddle the fence in this manner, unless the implied volatility of the markets calls for it, and it seems that is the case at the present time.

Bonus Idea:
The Simply Good Foods Co. SMPL  04/17 $20-22.50 Calls