EFFI, ERBB, FROI | Today’s Stock Watchlist

EffTec International, Inc. EFFI

After a monstrous run over the past couple of months, we would not now be surprised to see a pullback, as is to be expected in these instances.

From our momentum alert on Tuesday afternoon, the stock ran 38% to .18, and then dipped back to find support at our alert price.

As the week comes to a close, we are keeping a close watch for the support to hold, and are on the lookout for a possible bounce-play.

Tranzbyte Corp ERBB

ERBB appeared on our extended watchlist yesterday, as a result of all the buzz (no pun intended) currently surrounding medical marijuana related stocks.

Following its appearance in our morning report, the stock saw gains of nearly 100%, and closed out the day sustaining over 40% of those gains.

HEMP, CBIS and MJNA are some other stocks which are also taking advantage of the recent influx of volatility and volume in the sector.

Moving forward, we are keeping an eye out for all medical marijuana plays, as we see increased activity over this period across the board.

Extended Watchlist:

Fero Industries, Inc.  FROI

As it recedes back to the price of our original alert (.0075), we are going to be watching FROI for a bounce in the weeks ahead.