CBIH to Begin Clinical Trials, Options Review & 3 New Ideas

Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIH) – News Alert:

We’ve got another fresh PR from CBIH to hit the wires this morning, and it concerns one of the primary topics that was featured in our initial report on the company, Orthocann. It’s a cannabinoid-based knee injection for sufferers of chronic osteoarthritis, and it appears set to undergo clinical trials, per the following announcement:

HOUSTON, TX–(Newsfile Corp. – March 20, 2024) – Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: CBIH) has announced the enrollment of the first patient for the clinical trial of its new intra-articular cannabinoid-based injection for knee osteoarthritis. The company plans to test the product on its first participant, and after careful collection and analysis of clinical outcomes, start enrollment of a bigger sample of patients to administer the treatment and further evaluate its efficacy. (>>View Full PR)

For more information on CBIH, please visit cbih.net
and/or contact Peter Nicosia at (585) 703-6565 with any inquiries

Successful Options Review:

Yesterday’s session turned out pretty well for the potential options trading targets that we mentioned in our premarket report. Two out of the three ideas produced some nice intraday movement, while the third was a set of May contracts that we may yet return to for an update. Speaking of which, in addition to outlining yesterday’s gainers, we also have a couple of longer-term ideas that we formulated in recent reports for which we’ll provide a recap.

Yesterday’s runners were the STNE Weekly $16.50-15.50 Puts, and the DLO 04/19 $16-15 Puts, and the last two updates, on the SAIC 04/19 $135-130 Puts and the ADM 04/19 $57.50-60 Calls have links to the reports in which we first alerted on them.

STNE Weekly $16.50-15.50 Puts
: .33-.53 (+61%)
$16: .15-.26 (+73%)
$15.50: .07-.15 (+114%)

DLO 04/19 $16-15 Puts
$16: 1.00-1.52 (+52%)
$15: .60-1.00 (+67%)

SAIC 04/19 $135-130 Puts (Alerted on 03/18)
$135: 6.26-9.75 (+56%)
$130: 2.73-5.20 (+90%)

ADM 04/19 $57.50-60 Calls (Alerted on 03/11)
$57.50: 2.15-4.31 (+101%)
$60: 1.04-2.56 (+146%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PDD Weekly $149-152.50 Calls
GIS Weekly $71-72 Calls
INTC Weekly $42.50-43.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: