Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AGHI Special Report

Agora Holdings, Inc. AGHI

We’ve got a new item of interest to present this morning in the form of AGHI, and it’s one with both an interesting story, and a solid current chart setup to back it up. This will be the first time we’ve ever mentioned this hidden gem in any of our reports, but just based off of our initial impressions, it won’t be the last.

Part of the attraction we’re experiencing here is due to the focus of AGHI‘s primary subsidiary, Geegle Media, and the cutting-edge market space in which it operates.

Digital media streaming services are disrupting the long-standing foundations of the entire entertainment industry, and changing the way people consume media. The streaming business isn’t small potatoes, either- currently estimated at more than $30B annually, that figure is expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next several years. Even capturing a small share of that market would mean big things for AGHI and its video-on-demand platform Geegle TV over the long term.

Geegle combines several basic elements of many of the most popular media streaming services: TV like Hulu, movies like Netflix, and music like Spotify. The result is a concept we really think could turn some heads.


In the most recently published press, AGHI provided updates on a couple other facets of its business, including its proprietary FRAME technology, a social media management platform, and an email service with a planned launch just around the corner in early 2017. (>>View Recent PR)

Additionally, the company has highlighted its plans to become fully-reporting, with listing on the OTCQB, so we’ll be awaiting further updates on the progress in that regard as well. (>>Read More)

The potential we see in AGHI for more technical reasons makes it an attractive play in the short term as well. The last time the stock was this oversold, less than six weeks ago, it bottomed out at .11 and subsequently broke out to .18. That’s a 64% upswing. Now trading down near its 3-month lows, we like the prospects of a similar swing producing commensurate, or perhaps even larger gains on the rebound.

We’ve also prepared a quick video presentation of the current AGHI Chart:

In addition to the various strengths we’ve pointed out here, there’s always the looming possibility that AGHI gets approached at some point with a buyout offer on Geegle Media by one of the sector’s larger competitors, which of course, would be an absolute game changer. That being said, we like AGHI on its own merits, and will be very interested to track its progress in the days and weeks ahead.

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