EBIG, HLNT, EEDG & Today’s Extended Watchlist

EastBridge Investment Group Corp. EBIG

We mentioned EBIG for the first time on Monday, as the stock appeared in our Extended Watchlist.

After observing it this week, we liked the above average volume, with the stock trading over 10X its 3mo average on both Tuesday and Wednesday. We will want to keep this stock on our radars into next week.


Highline Technical Innovations. Inc. HLNT

HLNT appears today as a bounce play possibility. After a recent spike, the stock has consolidated considerably, and we are now watching for the dust to settle, that we may time the inevitable bounce.

Energy Edge Technologies Corporation EEDG

EEDG is looking strong, the stock has been holding support off of the 20DMA. Yesterday, EEDG dipped as low as .086, and closed at .105, for a 22% intraday gain after appearing in our Extended Watchlist yesterday morning.

We like the look of the EEDG chart. As you can see below, all indicators seem to be primed up to pass the 50DMA, and the PPO is converging, setting up for an imminent cross.


Extended Watchlist: