LBSR, TLON, NGSX, CLSP & Today’s Ext. Watchlist

Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. LBSR

LBSR first appeared in our extended watchlist as a momentum play on July 3rd . When we returned from the holiday, we included it in our newsletter once again. At that time the stock was as low as .028. On Friday, the stock closed at .04.

We’ve pointed out a few key points on the chart in the following video.


Talon Therapeutics, Inc. TLON

TLON is the play we mentioned last week with an upcoming FDA Date. The company is set to receive results on August 12th on its leukimia treatment, Marquibo.


NeurogesX, Inc. NGSX

NGSX is a bottom bouncer that we included in Wednesday’s newsletter. We are still giving it some time, although we have already seen gains of 10-20% in the two days we’ve covered the play.


Callisto Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CLSP

Another one of our selections from Wednesday that is performing well for the short time we have been paying attention. CLSP was as low as .57 following our alert, and managed to close at .70 on Friday. If CLSP breaks through its previous resistance of .72, we could see a could turn to bluesky breakout mode.


07/21 $615 AAPL Calls (APPL Earnings Expected 07/24 Could run to $620+ into earnings.)

Recent release of the new iPad into Chinese markets, said to have had major effect on the company’s Q2 earnings.


Extended Watchlist:


Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. – GPXM & Today’s Ext. Watchlist

Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. GPXM

GPXM is new to our reports this morning. It caught our eye for a number of reasons, including one heck of a strong chart setup.

Recently, from May to June, the stock ran from .009 to .0328 for a 264% gain. Since that time, we’ve seen a consolidation and we’ve found a level of support at the .015 mark. The stock has been trading in a tight channel in the meantime, bouncing around between .015 and .022. A break of that resistance at .022 could really send this thing shooting back to recent highs in the low .03’s.

The 20DMA is rising toward a Golden Cross with the 50DMA. The RSI is pointed northward, holding above the 50DMA overlay, and appears as if it wants to head toward the powerzone. (Currently 55.98, Powerzone: 70-90)

The Slow STO is hooking up, looking ready for a cross as well. We’d like to see it continue to hold above the 50DMA overlay, which we will take as a sign of strength.

Barchart is currently giving GPXM a Buy Rating

The company also hinted at recent progression in the PR dated June 11th.


Extended Watchlist: