Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SNDX Recap, Options & More

Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SNDX

Despite the markets getting crushed yesterday we managed to find and tag in our premarket report, what would ultimately be the NASDAQ’s top gainer of the day. SNDX had been gradually coming up off a bottom in the few sessions prior, but yesterday things really kicked into gear.

It traded in a range from 10.76 to 15.335, a fantastic intraday move of 43% which is really impressive for a $10+ stock. That move inside of the first 90 minutes of the session. That was followed by a dip-and-rip pattern from 12.16 and back to 13.62; a 12% rebound into a strong close at 13.58

The stock traded 56x its 30-day average volume yesterday, and held more than half of its daily advance, so we’ll be treating this as a potential momentum play as we head into week’s end, looking out for higher highs and higher lows out of SNDX.

Fresh Options Ideas

Speaking of the markets getting crushed, it appears as if we may see a continuation of that pattern today, so we want to have a few sets of options ideas to fall back on in the event of a continued slide.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA – BABA had been on an incredible bullish run for the better of part of 2017 thus far as you can plainly see on the chart snapshot we’ve included here. You can also see that the strength index is sharply declining after having recently been indicating the stock was extremely overbought.  We can also see the MACD pinching toward a bearish cross.

That’s why, along with an earnings miss in the premarket and the overall current of the markets as a whole, we’re looking at the BABA Weekly $120-117 Puts for potential quick-strike swing trades.


SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY)  – Also in the vein of our general bearish view of today’s overall conditions, we want to line up a set of SPY Puts for observation. Our regular readers know that the SPY is one of our favorite market analogs, and has been a wellspring of gains for us on the options front when we correctly gauge investor sentiment.

Today we want to put the SPY Weekly $237-235 Puts on watch, as a sustained tumultuous period for stocks would likely produce some good chances for us there.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SNTA Recap, Options & More

Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp. SNTA

After catching a PR containing some big merger news for SNTA yesterday morning, we decided to include the stock in our premarket report, and it turned out to be a good decision.

On just under 12X the 3-month average trading volume, SNTA ran from a daily low of .32 up to .45 inside of the first 90 minutes of the session. That registered as a respectable intraday spike of 41% As measured to this morning’s premarket high of .488, that figure is extended to 53%

We’ll have our eyes peeled for another push this morning. The type of volume that we witnessed yesterday coupled with the stock holding more than 50% of its daily gains, puts SNTA into the category of a possible momentum play.


Bonus Pharma Watchlist:

We are also going to be monitoring the activity in a couple of other pharma stocks in coming sessions:  Aoxing Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. AXN and Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. EBIO

EBIO is reportedly another reverse-merger candidate that caught a wave of momentum on the heels of yesterday’s big news, and AXN is showing a double-bottom signal and has been making headway trading up off of its lows for the past few sessions. We’ll want to monitor both of these plays into next week.

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – Fresh Options Idea

It wouldn’t be a typical Friday without a end-of-week options idea, so we’re going to turn to one of our classic targets- the SPY. Here in the premarket we’ve observed a low of 207.58. How we’ll want to play it is this: Should the SPY maintain support at 207.50 or above on any early pullbacks, we’re going to be interested in the Weekly $207.50-208 Calls. In the event it fails to hold support a that point, we’ll look to the Weekly $208-207.50 Puts.

*CAUTION: Trading weekly options on Friday is commonly a very high risk proposition. To be attempted by advanced traders only!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Recap & Other Updates

Constellation Brands, Inc. STZ – Options Review

The options trading idea that we formulated yesterday morning for the STZ chain was spot-on, and gave ourselves and our readers chances at some fantastic intraday gains. Our target range, highlighted in our premarket report was the STZ Weekly $150-160 Calls. Regardless of the chosen strike point, any of those contracts yielded prime opportunity for gains on the strength of an earnings beat:

$150 Calls – Trading Range: 5.75-10.20 – Max Gain: 77%
$155 Calls – Trading Range: 1.52-5.65 – Max Gain: 271%
$160 Calls– Trading Range: .89-2.10 – Max Gain: 136%


We’ve got a fresh idea this morning to add to the mix in attempt to extend our success with options calls as well. We are interested in tracking the WYNN Weekly $93-96.50 Calls for some quick-strike chances on a possible dip-and-rip setup.

Vivint Solar, Inc. VSLR

VSLR is one that we’re going to want to place on watch today, for reasons that are apparent when taking a quick look at the chart we’ve annotated below. We’ve got a number of bullish indicators as well as a strong bounce off of its lows over the past couple of days.

We’ll be watching to see if the stock can maintain some of the momentum it’s built up over the preceding two sessions.

Harmonic Energy, Inc. ASUV

Yesterday morning we were just mentioning the fact that we’d successfully tracked ASUV over an incredible five week run, seeing a trading range from .0024-.043, a swing of over 1600%  The stock continued to push its upper limits, setting a new high as it traded from an early low of .03 to .051.

The move marked an intraday pop of 70% and extended our total observed range since our initial alert on the play back on Leap Day  to an earth-shattering 2025%

Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. PSUN

PSUN is a stock that we entered into the log as a possible bottom-bounce play yesterday morning and we observed exactly the type of action we expected. Nimble-fingered traders could have gotten in and out with profits of up to 52% inside of the first 45 minutes of the session as PSUN ran from .091-.138.

We caught the company on the eve of filing bankruptcy(>>Read this morning’s PR), so it may be best to let the dust settle before considering a play on the stock again.

Other more modest gainers from yesterday’s morning report included UWTI (+10%) and MOMO(+15%), so we’ll leave those on our radar in sessions to come.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Item of Interest – MBHC

Mobile Broadcasting Holding, Inc. MBHC

We’re going to start off this new trading week with a new item of interest in MBHC, a stock with an interesting backstory that began to build some nice momentum on the chart toward the end of last week.

The main focus of the company at the moment is the impending launch of its new mobile streaming app, known as Whirld. It is intended to be the first truly real-time, interactive, mobile video broadcasting utility, and has been approved for sale in the Apple APP Store (iOS) and the Google Play Market (Android).

The launch was originally slated for late this spring, but was temporarily delayed for extra time in beta testing, and to upgrade to a global communications platform that will allow for more expedient updates and enhancements once the app is in operation. Per the release which revealed that announcement, we are now less than a month away from seeing all of the necessary changes implemented and having the app hit stores.

To facilitate all of the progressive changes at the company and give the Whirld app its best chance for success, MBHC brought in two industry heavyweights with the collective knowledge to get it off the ground; Jeff Marcus, and Alan Rambam.

Jeff Marcus has had his hand in billions of dollars worth of IT startups over the years, building himself an extremely impressive resume`. From his early days as a software engineer for IBM and formulating network solutions for UPS and KPMG, he began accruing the knowledge required for an ambitious endeavor such as the Whirld app. His career led him to high-level networking positions at companies like 24/7 Real Media (sold for $650M) and DoubleClick (Google buyout totaling $3.1B). He’s had a front-row seat for the development of the mobile age, and brings all of that experience and know-how to MBHC.

Alan Rambam is a social media, advertising, and analytics expert who previous job experience file is also jam-packed. He was one of the youngest staff members in the Clinton Administration,  and would go on to found Shine, Inc. were he would develop well-known social campaigns and charities such as the MTV Fight for Your Rights Campaign, and the Muhammad Ali Scholarship Fund.

On Friday,  MBHC enjoyed a surge in momentum in the wake of an exciting press release that really ramps up Whirld’s extreme potential as an app. In an global deal signed with none other than Twitter, MBHC has secured itself as the the home for Electronic Dance Music (EDM), a rapidly growing genre,to provide the most shared, real-time EDM concert footage on Earth. It includes unfettered access to air in real-time every piece of content placed on Twitter from some of the worlds biggest EDM Festivals (including Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Festival, Ultra, and Electric Zoo). This is a significant proposition, with EDM Festivals raking in roughly $4.5B annually; no other genre of festival music in the world can make such a claim. EDM has a huge following in the younger generation, which is a key demographic being targeted by MBHC for the Whirld app. >>> VIEW PR

As we said, the MBHC chart has also recently awakened, with a good bit of momentum building up at the end of last week. We’ve prepared a corresponding video presentation for your viewing convenience:

Those of our followers who participate in our daily live traders chats were given advanced notice on our call of MBHC as you can see by the following screen snap taken right at the market open. Those participants had a chance at up to 172% in intraday gains as the stock ran from .0039-.0106. It was a great example of why we freely invite all of our subscribers to take part in these daily Skype-facilitated chats. Just send a contact request to username ‘stocksumo’ to join in!

Options Recap – Friday’s Huge Winner

We can’t go without mentioning the top-notch options ideas we offered our readers in Friday’s premarket report. In the midst of taking credit for the previous session’s ideas we had on NFLX (One of which ran more than 3800% in a single session!) we presented GOOG as a good options-trading candidate and recorded a target range. Specifically, we called attention to GOOG Weekly $640-655 Calls. As everyone should be aware, GOOG had a landmark session after the earnings beat;
impressively gaining more than 16% as it traded in a range from 645.00 – 674.47.

As a result, and for the second consecutive day, our options ideas went haywire and yielded up the chance at some excellent profits. Here’s a breakdown of the moves that were made by those hot-ticket contracts:

$640 Calls - Daily Range: 8.80-29.00 – Max Gain: 230%
$642.50 Calls - Daily Range: 9.40-27.40 – Max Gain: 191%
$645 Calls - Daily Range: 6.20-24.90 – Max Gain: 302%
$650 Calls - Daily Range: 3.90-23.56 – Max Gain: 302%
$655 Calls - Daily Range: 2.33-18.50 – Max Gain: 694%

For your convenience, we also prepared a video highlighting the great moves we saw as well, so check it out below, and have a great start to the week!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Idea & More

Vivint Solar, Inc. VSLR – Options Idea

VSLR caught our eye yesterday as the stock made considerable progress in coming off of a recent bottom, aided by Q4 financials announced Wednesday, post-market which came in better-than-expected.

In the midst of this rebound, we’ll be looking to possibly take advantage via the options chain. Currently, we’re interested in following the activity on the April 17th $11 Calls (Last Trade:1.30).

VSLR has a 1-year analyst estimated price target of 19.80, and is presently trading well below that range, thus it could turn out to be a stock that we continue to track over an extended period of time.

AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AVEO

We’re watching AVEO this morning; the stock broke above its 200DMA earlier this week and has been holding support above that level. Yesterday it underwent a gap-and-fade, ultimately finding support at 1.36. and that’s the level we’ll want to see it maintain on any further pullbacks today.

The main thing drawing our attention toward AVEO is the current chart setup.As you can see on the snapshot below, it is showing a strong RSI, a bullish MACD, and appears to be building toward an elusive Golden Cross; a relatively rare event for which we’re always keeping our eyes peeled.

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