Blue Horseshoe Stocks: KMX Options Update & More

CarMax, Inc. KMX – Options Idea

We formulated several targets in the KMX options chain yesterday morning in accordance with the solid earnings beat and premarket gap-up we were observing.   We specified some medium and longer-term contracts with the KMX C$57.50 and $60 Calls, and the 05/19 $60-$65 Calls. We were more than pleased with the activity that ensued.

We’re usually pretty good with our targeting, and these ideas were no exception. Every single one of the contracts we mentioned provided traders with the chance for some very nice single-session gains.

04/21 $57.50 Calls – Range: .45-1.70 – Max Gain: 278%
04/21 $60 Calls – Range:  .17-.75 – Max Gain: 341%

05/19 $60 Calls – Range: .68-1.54 – Max Gain: 126%
05/19 $62.50 Calls – Range: .28-.82- Max Gain: 193%
05/19 $65 Calls – Range: .11-.38 – Max Gain: 245%

With that kind of activity on the very first day, we’re definitely going to want to keep these plays in mind going forward. There may yet be more opportunities still to come.

Akari Therapeutics, Plc. AKTX

We tagged AKTX in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist and saw a very nice intraday performance. It traded in a daily range from a low of 13.69 to a high of 18.46, which represents a 35% spike on the day.

That move came on more than thirteen times the three-month average volume. On the whole, the activity in AKTX was extremely impressive, especially for a stock in its price range. The stock failed to maintain the majority of its daily advance, but we’ll remain interested provided it can register a higher base level of support to close out the week today.

In Ovations Holdings, Inc. INOH

We’re going to begin monitoring this super-subpenny stock after it just reappeared with its first filings in quite some time; two quarterlies and an annual report can be found at the company’s OTC Market filings page (>>View Filings). The filings bring the company current on its financial reporting.

We’ve seen a number of triple-zero stocks make exponential gains in recent weeks, and want to take a flyer on INOH on the outside chance that it could be the next rocket to leave the launchpad!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Momentum Plays & More

Top Ships, Inc. TOPS

We are going to place TOPS on bottom-bounce watch this morning. Yesterday the stock held in there just above its 50DMA, and recent support levels. Earlier this summer, the stock shot up exponentially so the ability to make drastic moves to the upside is present.

We’re going to throw TOPS on the radar and will remain interested in tracking its progress provided it holds above its recent swing low of 3.67. As you can see on the included chart snapshot, the MACD appears to be converging toward an impending bullish cross, to that will be a signal to watch for as well.

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. NWBO

Here’s a stock that has had a whirlwind couple of sessions this week, breaking a long pattern of consolidation with two extremely bullish sessions.

We’re going to want to place NWBO on watch as a possible momentum play on the chance that it continues this multi-day run. As long as it can maintain support above yesterdays low which coincides with the 50DMA at .43, we’ll be watching for more solid intraday moves.

Agritek Holdings, Inc. AGTK

We began tracking AGTK at the beginning of August (08/02), and most recently reminded readers about the stock yesterday morning.

What followed was a nice intraday pop, and new overall high as it ran from .0026 to .0035, for a 35% swing. From the .0013 low we observed just after our initial alert on the play last month, yesterday’s high represented a total increase of 169%

It both cracked and held above its 200DMA into the close and the RSI just managed to breach into the power zone. We’ll be anxious to continue tracking its progress moving forward following these bullish signals.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MAXD Recap, Cannabis Stocks & More

Max Sound Corp. MAXD
A huge standout from Thursday’s session was MAXD, which we tagged as a bottom-bouncer in our premarket report. The stock had been mostly trading sideways over the preceding couple of months, so our alert definitely came at the proper time.

From its daily low of .0033 right at the outset, the stock continually pushed the envelope for a vast majority of the session, eventually reaching the zenith at an impressive .007. That represented an intraday gain opportunity of up to 112% with heavy volume, on the order of more than three times the monthly average.

We’ll continue to track MAXD, looking for the stock continue building a higher base level of support in coming sessions.

United Cannabis Corp. CNAB

We’ve been monitoring the cannabis space more closely over the past couple of weeks, since a big development from the labs at GW Pharma (GWPH) sent shockwaves through the investment community and began to drive heavier interest back to marijuana related stocks.

We’re still seeing those effects reverberating down to several of these ‘pot-plays’. One that stood out to us on Thursday morning was CNAB, and it enjoyed a respectable intraday performance subsequent to our premarket flag. We observed a low of .51 first thing in the morning, and the stock took off like a rocket. The high it shot up to was .75, marking a 47% rip.

The stock maintained a good portion of its daily advance into a close at .673, and of course volume was much higher than normal, so this is another that we’ll keep on our watchlist for the time being.


Cannabis Sativa, Inc. CBDS

Another run of success we’ve had recently within the cannabis sector has been due to our call of CBDS. We first introduced this stock to our reports in early February, and would monitor the stock as it found support at .30 several sessions later. From there it began a gradual rise that became much more pronounced midway through this month.

The gains on the chart since then have been absolutely stellar, and CBDS hasn’t looked back, as it recorded a new high of 3.73 on Thursday. That brought the overall upswing we’ve witnessed in just a month’s time to a meteoric 1143%


Another handful of marijuana stocks we’ve tracked over a long period of time are HEMP, TRTC, and GRNH, and those will continue to garner our attention in the immediate future, with interest in the sector bubbling up once again.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Update, New Idea & More

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. VRX-  Options Update
We wanted to circle back to touch upon an update for the VRX 04/22 $32 Calls we initially slated for observation on Tuesday.  VRX trading activity allowed for us to witness a run from 2.90-3.90 that day, for possible gains of up to 35%

We stated as much in yesterday’s morning report, with the added reminder that we felt certain the scope of those gains would increase, and we were spot-on once again.

For the day we observed a move from 4.25-5.25, a relatively modest 24%, however as measured from the low we saw on Tuesday morning, it marked a two-day swing of 81%, so cheers to those of our readers who were following along with us on this play!

Tesla Motors, Inc. TSLA – New Options Idea

Up until yesterday’s session, TSLA had been enjoying an epic rally which began in early February, however, that began to fizzle out over the past couple of days. The stock now appears very top-heavy, and that was confirmed by a fall below its 200DMA yesterday.

In the event that this is a protracted backsliding event, we’re going to want to be ready with a corresponding options trading idea.  We’re going to zero in on contracts in the range of TSLA March 24th $220-215 Puts, which qualify as Weekly contracts*, as the markets are closed tomorrow.

*Please remember, trading weekly options contracts on a Friday is an extreme high risk/high reward proposition, and is recommended for highly experienced traders only.

Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CPXX

CPXX was a point of focus for us last Wednesday, when we caught a hot PR hitting the wires, and despite the stock already being up considerably at that point, we were able to glean a healthy 41% gain out of the stock that first day (from a low of 6.44).

As we’ve kept observing the play over the course of the week, we’ve seen a continual stream of higher highs and higher lows, which culminated in a new high of 12.64 yesterday. In exactly one week’s time, we saw CPXX make an overall swing totaling 96%

Great Basin Scientific, Inc. GBSN

We also want to give ourselves a quick pat on the back for calling GBSN to our readers attention via our extended watchlist yesterday. The stock was experiencing highly abnormal activity due to some FDA News and despite gapping up to the extreme, we still saw a dip-and-rip which carried the stock on an intraday run from .222-.29, a 31% swing.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ADMD, VRX Updates & More

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. VRX-  Options Update

When others are behaving as if the sky is falling, namely the analysts over at Piper Jaffray who recently blasted VRX, we’re on the lookout for for opportunities. We didn’t go along with the crowd, and went bullish on the embattled stock, and it turns out we had the winning hand.

We called Monday’s 52-week low the bottom, at least for the time being, and signaled the VRX 04/22 $32 Calls for observation. VRX had a boomer of a recovery session, running from 29.01 back to 32.05, and as a result our tracked contracts enjoyed a sizable intraday increase.  From a low of 2.90 they reached 3.90, a healthy 35% pop, and granted the fact that the stock appears ready to gap-up this morning, we expect that figure to expand appreciably.

Advanced Medical Isotope Corp. ADMD

This familiar stock was one of a pair of plays that stood out from the rest on yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. We’ve tracked this play on and off for well over a year, and came back to it at a good time to take advantage of the chart it’s been building.

We witnessed an intraday run from .003-.0042, marking a move of 40% which occurred on the heaviest recorded volume in almost a year, and the fourth consecutive session of higher highs and higher lows.

We also prepared a video presentation of the charts of each of the preceding plays:

Pan American Goldfields, Ltd. MXOM

We also had MXOM appear in yesterday’s watchlist, and it too enjoyed a modest but noteworthy move on the day. It went up from a low of .0068, reaching a high of .009. That worked out to a 32% intraday performance on approxiamtely qudruple the average monthly average volume.

KollagenX Corp. KGNX – Possible Bottom Bouncer

We’re going to pin KGNX to our tracklist today as well after noticing the stock showing signs of life off of its recently established 52-week low. We’ve highlighted the pertinent indicators on the chart below, and will continue to track its progress provided it continues to build higher base levels of support.

Extended Watchlist: