Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh News Plays & More

NuGene International, Inc. NUGN

We’ve been tracking NUGN for a few weeks now, with our most recent focus coming on the 15th of this month. The stock has been making a good bit of progress on the chart since rebounding off of support at 2.64 a few days later on the 18th, and we want to draw extra attention to it this morning as a new PR has hit the wires.

From that recent swing low, NUGN has regained ground back to Friday’s high of 3.48, which marks a 32% rebound in a span of seven trading days. We’ll want to keep an eye out for a continued uptrend from this point forward.

This morning’s interesting news involves NuGene’s Kathy Ireland® product line, which has been selected by a high-volume cosmeceutical  e-commerce store,, as a premier line of business for its online outlet which serves hundreds of thousands of customers. >> READ PR

Kraig BioCraft Laboratories, Inc. KBLB

We want to tag KBLB as we kick off this short trading week for a couple of reasons. The first of which is the positioning of the current KBLB chart, which as you can see from the following snapshot, is searching out a bottom as it has come down off off the second major swing in as many months. Twice this spring, the stock surged from the .035-area to a nickel or more.

We’ll be looking to get in on some of the rebound action should history attempt to repeat itself, and this morning’s PR could be a good start along that path.

KBLB has developed what it is calling its strongest recombinant spider silk substance to date. In fact, the wonder-material they are dubbing Dragon SilkTM is actually stronger than natural spider silk! We’ll be interested to follow this storyline along with the good chance of seeing some significant short-term gain opportunities. >>READ PR

American Green, Inc. ERBB

We tracked ERBB quite a bit back when it traded as Tranzbyte Corp., and now that it goes by the American Green moniker, we’re seeing the materialization of what could be an upcoming move on the chart. It would come in the form of a bottom-bounce play; as you can plainly see, the stock has been on a rather steady decline for the past few months.

In addition to being heavily oversold, the company has some fresh press out today:

TEMPE, AZ–(Marketwired – Jun 29, 2015) – American Green, Inc. (OTC PINK: ERBB) is very pleased to announce today that it has executed an acquisition agreement with TrackX, LLC ( TrackX, a Denver-based company, is one of the country’s leading providers of complete Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking and cloud-based physical asset management systems. >> FULL PR

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: RXMD, CBLI, DNRG Reviews & More

Progressive Care, Inc. RXMD

The only ones not to receive the addition of RXMD in our premarket reports yesterday were our Blue Horseshoe Stocks email subscribers. It was a late-add to our watchlist, and the BHS email had already been published.*

Members of our other lists, our live traders chat members** or readers of the Blue Horseshoe Stocks blog did receive the alert before market open, in time for one of the most epic runs we’ve witnessed in quite awhile.

We witnessed a crossover from subpenny territory at the stock’s morning low of .009, and RXMD was driven deep into Pennyland, as it peaked at a PPS of .049 at around 12:45PM. That represented an astronomical 444% intraday swing. Volume exceeded the 3-month norm by more than 25X.

With that kind of momentum built up, we’ll be certain to continue to track the activity in RXMD as this exciting trading week comes to a close.

*RXMD serves as a reminder to our email subscribers that situations like these do occur, where we catch an opportunity at the last minute, which is why we suggest subscribers of all of our lists also navigate to daily, as the most updated version of our reports will always be posted there prior to market open.

**Our live traders chats are conducted on Skype and are open to all of our readers. Send contact request to ‘stocksumo’ for admittance. Below you can see the snapshot of when we handed the idea off to the room:

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. CBLI

CBLI was one of the main points of focus in yesterday’s premarket report. We caught it in the midst of a premarket Blue-Sky Breakout in the wake of the announcement that the company had entered into a beneficial equity financing arrangement that will yield something on the order of $25M. >>Read PR

We stated that “whenever we run across a stock in this position we’re always on the lookout for dip-and-rip scenarios” and pointed to the 200DMA of 5.35 as the minimum level where we’d need to see support hold on any early pullbacks.

We got exactly what we were looking for as CBLI underwent a slight dip, holding safely above our identified level as it rebounded off of the 5.40-mark, and went on a strong run to a high of 7.24. That was good for intraday gains of up to 34% before it began to pull back. There was also a subsequent swing from 5.75-6.35 for an added 10% move.

Dominovas Energy Corp. DNRG

DNRG was a stock that we tagged earlier this month on the 3rd, and at the time we observed an awesome 150% single-session run from .005-.0125.

Things largely quieted down for the stock until Wednesday of this week, when it began to stir once again. Yesterday it absolutely broke out on an incredible intraday run from .065-.228 (+250%).

Hypothetically, anyone to have picked it up at our observed low of .005, and held to yesterday’s peak could have been looking at gains on the order of a mind-numbing 4,460%

A move like that in a period of just 17 sessions makes DNRG one of the biggest gainers we’ve tracked in recent memory.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MJMJ, MEET Recaps & More

MeetMe, Inc. MEET

we tagged MEET for the first time since last year, and our timing in turning our attention back to it was excellent. On the strength of improved Q2 guidance published in a premarket PR, the stock made a healthy intraday move.

From a morning low of 1.66, MEET went on to hit an even 2.00 high toward the end of the session; a 20% swing. Volume was excessive, on the order of roughly 22x the 3-month average. Ideally, we need to see MEET maintain support at or above the new 200DMA of 1.74 on any pullbacks in order for us to remain interested.

The MaryJane Group, Inc. MJMJ

At the end of last week we were monitoring MJMJ for a bottom, After coming up off its bottom on Tuesday and providing us with a quality  opportunity, MJMJ continued to perform well with a nice intraday surge.

The stock made its way from an early low of .0036, and managed a subsequent high of .0055; a hefty 53% move.

From our observed low of .0027, we’ve seen an overall increase of 104% over a period of just a few sessions. With many cannabis stocks beginning to show increased signs of life lately, we’ll be sure to continue monitoring this play and others in the sector.

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. CBLI

We want to keep an eye on CBLI after this morning’s big announcement (link below), which has essentially caused the stock to enter into Blue-Sky Breakout mode this morning, cracking through its 200DMA of 5.35 in the premarket. If it can maintain that 200DMA as support on an early pullback, we could see added increases.

Regardless, whenever we run across a stock in this position we’re always on the lookout for dip-and-rip scenarios to occur after a consolidation. It’s a pattern that we’ve seen played out time and time again.

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We also noticed a PR published on PZOO for the second consecutive day. After yesterday’s big announcement that the company had fully acquired MA & Associates’ marijuana testing business, today we learned that the company’s other subsidiary has signed a new, potentially lucrative distribution agreement.

Pazoo is another company that falls under the category of those doing everything they can to capitalize on the ever-expanding marijuana sector. It has remained extremely active in pursuing that goal over the entire time we’ve been tracking the stock.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ATNM Recap & More

Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ATNM

In the midst of what has begun as a relatively slow short week, ATNM has stood out as a solid play. We tagged this stock for observation in last Thursday’s report, and the subsequent move has been quite noteworthy.

Entering into the holiday weekend, we had witnessed a low of 2.78, and yesterday the stock jumped to a new high of 4.34. Considering it took just three sessions for the pick to provide, that 56% swing is quite significant.

ATMN is among a wide array of companies that will be appearing at this year’s Marcum Microcap Conference in NYC  For those unable to attend the company will be providing a live webcast of its presentation (05/28 @ 10:30am Eastern) Read the news release for details  >>> VIEW PR

PlasmaTech Biopharma, Inc. PTBI

Speaking of companies presenting at the upcoming Marcum Microcap Conference whose stocks have recently featured in our reports, we’re turning our attention back to PTBI this morning.

We followed the stock to a nice gain opportunity early last week (+35%), and after an interim period of consolidation, we’re seeing a sizable gap-up occurring in this morning’s premarket activity.

As you can see on the chart, PTBI has built toward what is known as a Bullish Flag, which can be an indicator of more gains ahead. We’ll look for the stock to hold support above yesterday’s swing low (8.55) in order to maintain the trend.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Tuesday’s Big Gainers & More

Dig-It Underground, Inc. DIGX

DIGX met our expectations quite nicely yesterday on our first day of coverage. For those of you who may have missed our premarket report *and* the afternoon update we sent out on DIGX, it was a heck of a day. The stock opened at .0048 and ran hard, breaking the key resistance area we pointed out from .008-.0085 and setting a new high into the close of .0091.  Volume was also substantial, with DIGX trading well over 7x the one-month average volume.

A chance for up to 90% in gains on our very first day talking about a stock is certainly nothing to sneeze at. As the stock officially entered blue skies toward the end of the session yesterday, we’ll be especially anxious to continue to follow its progress.

We also caught an after-hours PR from DIGX yesterday afternoon:

EULESS, TX–(Marketwired – Sep 2, 2014) –  Dig-it Underground, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: DIGX) – Robert Wodarczyk, President of Dig-it Underground, Inc., announced today that the company has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire 100% of the Membership Interests of Cannabeez Media, LLC along with all its assets and proprietary property, including the web site >>> FULL PR

Digital Ally, Inc. DGLY

DGLY was also included in both of yesterday’s reports, and had a landmark session. Starting out from a low of 22.12, the stock went on a massive run to 33.59 on volume which exceeded the monthly average by more than five times .

That was good for a 52% intraday romp, an incredible feat for a NASDAQ-listed stock in this price range. From the 5.75 low we caught back on August 21st, DGLY has delivered an overall increase of 484% (In just 8 sessions).

LabStyle Innovations Corp. DRIO

DRIO appeared as one of our points of focus in yesterday’s premarket report as well. We were extremely pleased with the way this stock continued to pick up steam throughout the afternoon and had a very strong close, setting new highs toward the end of the session.

Overall we saw an intraday move from .09 to .13, a respectable 44% gain on approximately 10x the average volume.

Following our first alert on DRIO a week ago yesterday, we’ve a seen an overall increase from a low of .065 to yesterdays high which stood at a nice round 100%

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Options

PBR was among several of the plays we’re tracking to hit new highs again yesterday. Our regulars know that the PBR options chain has been like a wellspring of huge opportunities for us since we first picked up on it this spring. We’ve played it successfully too many times to count now, and the gains just keep on coming.

The main set of contracts we’re following at present have been the January 17th $19 Calls. We first signaled those as a longer-term play back on August 20th  after noticing abnormal volume off of our scans, and subsequently witnessed them trading as low as 1.23

With PBR pushing over the $20-mark yesterday as setting a new high of 20.87, we once again had huge activity in those calls with open interest totaling nearly 50k contracts, closing at their highs of 3.25. That pushes our total possible increase since we’ve been tracking these calls to 164%

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. ISNS

We put ISNS on our radars a few sessions back on August 27th. It took a couple of days of bouncing around and trading in a slight channel from roughly the 3.60-4.00 range before the stock came back to find support at 3.53 before, like many of the other plays we’ve talked about this morning, going on a massive rush into the close. The stock hit a high of 6.99, marking an intraday run of 95%

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