Friday’s Big Runners, Monday’s Fresh Plays

Huge Options Gainers:

We’re starting off this fresh trading week much the same as we start all of them- by rehashing the potential of our options trading ideas from Friday. Both of our quick-strike ideas with contracts that were expiring at the end of the day turned in big time performances for ourselves and our readers.

Our designated targets for the day were the NKE Weekly $87-84 Puts, and the SPY 09/30 $361-363 Calls, and in both cases, we were treated to the chance for multi-bag intraday gains of a very impressive nature. Here are the trading ranges and total possible profits that could have been had:

NKE Weekly $87-84 Puts
 1.43-4.00 (+180%)
$86: .82-3.05 (+272%)
$85: .43-2.00 (+365%)
$84: .19-1.00 (+426%)

SPY 09/30 $361-363 Calls
2.07-5.23 (+153%)
$362: 1.63-4.40 (+170%)
$363: 2.05-5.23 (+155%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 10/03 $359-361 Calls
BRZE 11/18 $30-35 Calls
TTGT 10/21 $60 Calls

*These calls expire at the end of today’s session. Please don’t try this idea unless you are an experienced daytrader! 

Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. GTII – OTC Recap:

Many of you will be getting used to seeing updates on GTII, because we’ve been tracking this OTC play for quite some time.

Following our recent observed low of .85 following our alert on the morning September 23rd, GTII has now exploded to new highs, touching 5.83 in the premarket this morning. That figures in as an overall increase of 586% in just a shade over a single trading week!

Extended Watchlist:

Wrapping Up a Challenging Yet Fruitful Week

Yesterday’s Movers:

The end of another trading week is upon us, and while market conditions have certainly made it a challenge, we’ve still been able to log some pretty good ideas and subsequent chances for traders to benefit. Yesterday morning’s premarket report yielded three out of four movers, and while the gains weren’t off the charts, there were still solid plays to be made.

Our movers for the day were the TCOM 10/21 $25-26 Calls, the LEN Weekly $75-76 Calls, and the DRI 10/21 $125 Puts, and the modest-to-intermediate gains they registered on the session were as follows:

TCOM 10/21 $25-26 Calls

$25: 1.35-2.50 (+85%)
$26: 1.11-1.90 (+71%)

LEN Weekly $75-76 Calls
$75: 2.77-3.35 (+21%)
$76: 1.82-1.89 (+4%)

DRI 10/21 $125 Puts
$230: 3.70-5.42 (+46%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY 09/23 $371-369 Puts
COST Weekly $465-475 Calls

Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. GTII – OTC Recap:

We caught a pretty good gainer with GTII on yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. The stock posted a nice little breakout for us that fell just shy of producing a double-bag gain opportunity for us. GTII ran from a low of .93 and went on to hit its daily high at 1.78. That works out to a single-session run of 93% and it came on the stock’s second-highest volume day of all time!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Big Week for Options

Morgan Stanley MS – Recap

Earlier in the week we highlighted a pair of options calls in the Morgan Stanley chain following the company’s Q3 earnings report on Tuesday, in which it reported a solid beat of Wall Street expectations on profits.

As a result, the MS Weekly $43.50 & $44 Calls that we signaled in our report produced some very nice chances for traders to lock in multi-bag profits.

The $43.50 Calls, from their low of 1.32 reached 4.20, for an intraweek gain of 218% The $44 Calls low came in at .85, and it went on to log a high of 3.65. That worked out to an overall increase of 329%

Fresh Options Ideas

Paypal, Inc. PYPL – The first of our earnings related options ideas to close out the week is going to be Paypal, whose stock saw early gains on the heels of the company’s report which entailed a big boost from the company’s Venmo offshoot. Revenue streams have been growing as Paypal has launched several initiatives within the platform. We are going to be looking at the PYPL Weekly $81-83 Calls* as we close out the trading week.

The Procter & Gamble Co. PG – We’re also looking at PG, which reported on its earnings this morning, and posted it’s biggest growth in sales for the last half a decade. Our idea for this particular play will be the PG Weekly $82-84.50 Calls*

*Please do not attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with disposable funds. It’s an extreme risk/reward proposition!

Extended Watchlist: