Insane SPY Gains!

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Recap

We played AAPL like a fiddle in the closing sessions of last week. On Friday morning, in addition to updating readers on the AAPL Weekly $375-377.50 Calls we targeted the day prior, we also ventured an added set of ideas, with the AAPL Weekly $407.50-412.50 Calls.

Not only did the options we signaled on Thursday make the huge moves we promised, but our extra set also produced enormous gain opportunities on the day. Here are the final ranges and total possible profits provided by all of those targets:

AAPL Weekly $375-377.50 Calls
 10.19-50.38 (+394%)
$377.50: 8.80-51.90 (+490%)

AAPL Weekly $407.50-412.50 Calls
 1.26-18.04 (+1131%)
$410: .69-15.57 (+2156%)
$412.50: .36-13.20 (+3567%)

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Additionally, we offered up a couple of other ideas, the SPY Weekly $324-327 Calls as well as the FB Weekly $245-250 Calls, and we were also met with great success on those targets, with some truly eye-popping gains for the SPY in particular:

SPY Weekly $324-327 Calls
$324: .08-2.62 (+3175%)
$325: .02-1.71 (+8450%)
$326: .01-.76 (+7500%)
$327: .01-.08 (+700%)

FB Weekly $245-250 Calls
$245: 7.55-11.40 (+51%)
$247.50: 5.31-9.50 (+79%)
$250: 4.66-7.77 (+67%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MCK Weekly $152.50-155 Calls
GPN 08/21 $180-190 Calls
SPY 08/03 $328-329 Calls


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Walmart Deal Sends KNOS Soaring

Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc. KNOS – Update

We also wanted to circle back around to KNOS, which we have been tracking for quite some time, and updated readers on in Monday’s report. As we mentioned, we had already seen more than a 2000% run beginning with our initial coverage in April, and were anticipating another opportunity to come around after the stock had pulled back to .123 two Fridays ago, and began climbing again. Thanks to a deal with Walmart, we were able to call this one to a tee.

Our exact words were “we will be on the lookout for the stock to test and potentially break past its previous high .24, especially in the light of the following new report out this morning linking the company to Walmart.”

Yesterday, KNOS vindicated our expectations as it hit a new high of .45. That marks a two week upswing of 266% and from our initially observed low of .011 following our April report, it represents an incredible increase of 3990%

FireEye, Inc. FEYE – Update

FireEye was the main earnings reporter that was catching our attention yesterday in the premarket, so we featured a dual pronged options attack with the FEYE Weekly $14-15 Calls & 08/14 $15.50-16 Calls in our premarket report.

Both sets turned out to be excellent calls, even as some of the bigger names on the earnings calendar failed to provide the type of price action we’re always after. Here are the intraday gains provided by the activity in FEYE:

FEYE Weekly $14-15 Calls
$14: .69-2.25 (+226%)
$14.50: .51-1.73 (+239%)
$15: .25-1.30 (+380%)

FEYE 08/14 $15.50-16 Calls
$15.50: .56-1.15 (+105%)
$16: .45-.97 (+116%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AAPL Weekly $375-377.50 Calls 
KNDI 08/21 $15-16 Calls
QCOM Weekly $102-104 Calls
PYPL Weekly $190-195 Calls
OSTK Weekly $70-75 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

SPCE Calls Blast into Orbit


Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. SPCE – Our first order of business as we prepare to close out this trading week, is go over our options alert on Virgin Galactic in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We signaled the SPCE Weekly $18-19 Calls, and we received instantaneous multibag results.

Here are the total possible gains afforded by our coverage of SPCE prior to yesterday’s solid run.

SPCE Weekly $18-19 Calls
$18: 1.28-4.15 (+224%)
$18.50: .86-3.60 (+319%)
$19: .62-3.21 (+418%)

Today we will roll up to include the SPCE $22-22.50 Calls as it looks to be preparing to continue its momentum.


Infosys Ltd. INFY – On Wednesday morning, we targeted a pair of INFY calls as well, and those ideas were also noteworthy. They both provided opportunities for multibag gains following our alert.

INFY Weekly $11-12 Calls
$11: .49-1.35 (+176%)
$12: .05-.40 (+700%)

MicroVision, Inc. MVIS 

In terms of stocks, we have unearthed some winners in that category as well recently. One such play is MVIS, which we tagged for observation a couple of months back on May 5th.

Shortly following that report, the stock was trading for as little as .55. After two months of continual uptrend, and a huge day yesterday, the stock was sent to a new high of 2.47. That works out to a total increase of 349% in a relatively short time period.

DATA443 Risk Mitigation Inc. ATDS 

As far as OTC winners are concerned, we’ve also found our fair share of those in recent months. One month ago today, on June 17th, we put ATDS on watch, and that play has also worked out very well.

From a low of .0095 we have seen it make a move to .027, for an overall rise of 184%

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