Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Celebrating 6 Years!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

First thing’s first- today marks the SIX YEAR anniversary of when we launched, our home on the web, and place to store and make available every single newsletter we’ve ever sent out during that time! We’ve unfailingly brought ideas to the table every trading day since then and want to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers who we value so much. From the most loyal who have been with us from the beginning, to every single person we picked up along the way. Cheers to all!

GoPro, Inc. GPRO

We put a set of options on watch for GPRO on Friday morning, and the potential single session gains that were there for the taking ranged from very good to downright fantastic!

Our highlighted range was the GPRO Weekly $9-10 Calls, and the intraday move that the stock itself made from a low of 9.31 up as high as 10.38, facilitated the following gain opportunities:

$9 Calls – Range: .34-1.35 – Max Gain: 297%
$9.50 Calls – Range:.13-.84 – Max Gain: 546%
$10 Calls – Range:.01-.40 – Max Gain: 3900%

As you can see, the chances for profits were exponentially greater, the higher the strike price chosen, but all around the idea turned out to be solid no matter what.

Eros International, plc EROS

We want to place EROS on watch as a possible bottom-bounce play this morning, after noticing a couple of different factors at work. The stock spent the past several sessions getting pummeled down to new 52-week lows, which in itself would be enough to catch our attention.

This morning we’re seeing a notable gap-up in the premarket, on the news that the Indian film company has entered preliminary talks with Apple to sell its entire content library. (>>View PR)

The stock was recently trading in the $14 range, and a return to that level does not seem out of the question, so we want to keep an eye on EROS as we kick off a new trading week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NVDA Review & More

Nvidia Corp. NVDA – Recap
Focusing on NVDA Friday morning on the heels of its earnings beat turned out to be a fantastic idea. It was a great way to cap off a week filled with solid options trading ideas.

The stock itself made an incredible intraday run of nearly 30% and as a result, our specific area of interest, the NVDA Weekly $77-80 Calls, yielded some great chances for huge single-session profits. That included nothing less than 201% and one that even went for a ten bagger!

The potential gains were as follows:

$77 Calls– Range: 2.87-11.55 – Max Gain: 302%
$77.50 Calls – Range: 3.62-10.90 – Max Gain: 201%
$78 Calls – Range: 2.00-10.55 – Max Gain: 427%
$78.50 Calls – Range: 1.33-8.70 – Max Gain: 554%
$79 Calls – Range: 2.04-9.55 – Max Gain: 368%
$79.50 Calls – Range: .81-5.00 – Max Gain: 517%
$80 Calls – Range: .70-8.15 – Max Gain: 1064%

Congrats are due to any of our readers who used our hunch to help bank a piece of these serious profits!

Fresh Options Idea:
HAR Weekly $100-110 Calls

Cannabis Sector – Video Update

We also want to provide an update on cannabis stocks, which we promised to continue following on the heels of legalization happening in three states last week. We’ve done so in the form of a quick video review of some of the more high profile plays, like MJNA, CBIS, PHOT, GRNH, and NEWC.

After a pullback around election time, pot stocks in general began to gain steam again at the end of the week. We’ll be watching carefully for the recording of higher lows and higher highs across the board.

  Click the graphic below to view the presentation:

Primero Mining Corp. PPP

We also want to take heed of a bottom-watch play we’ve identified this morning. PPP reached new 52-week lows on Friday, after a disappointing earnings release earlier in the week sent the stock into a tailspin.

We’re always looking for bargains, and to find one in a gold play in the midst of a solid run-up for the precious metal, has the potential to be especially fortuitous. As a quick glance on the chart below will show, the stock is presently heavily oversold and searching for an ultimate low here. We’ll want to be ready to strike when the reversal occurs.

Extended Watchlist:

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APYP Recap & More

AppYea, Inc. APYP

We re-alerted our readers on APYP on Friday morning, after having included it in our premarket report exactly two weeks ago today. It has made some good progress since then, so we’d like to kick things off this morning by providing an update on the moves it has made.

Friday’s session produced a nice intraday gain from a low of .0029 up to a new high of .0044, for a solid 52% upswing, and from the low we observed subsequent to our next most recent mention (.0009), it represented an overall increase of 389% in just under two week’s time.


Both of the following stocks have recently fallen to new annual lows. We’re always on the lookout for potential bottom-bounce plays, so we’re going to want to place each of them on watch over the next few sessions.

Pain Therapeutics, Inc. PTIE – This stock underwent a massive gap-down and sell-off a couple weeks back following an FDA application denial for the extended release oxycodone capsules that the company has been licensed to develop since 2002.

We’re going to track it closely as it searches for its ultimate lows, which, if present indicators are any guide, could be forthcoming at any time now.

Cosi, Inc. COSI – While there is no gap to the upside on the COSI chart, we can see the same sort of major selloff that occurred a couple of weeks ago, and continuing up until Friday, when a new 52-week low was recorded.

As you can see on the snapshots, however, COSI is even more heavily oversold than the previously mentioned play. The volatility of its precipitous decline is what interests us most in tracking the stock for its eventual rebound.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DRIO Update & More

LabStyle Innovations Corp. DRIO

After bringing us cumulative gains of nearly 150% over the course of two spikes since we first picked up on DRIO back on on August 26th, the stock continued to pile on the opportunities yesterday.

We saw it open at a .13 and make a solid 26% intraday run to .164 just prior to the close on nearly twice the one-month average volume. The chart still looks very good, with the RSI just having crossed above oversold status, and the MACD looking bullish as well. As we’ve pointed out below, we caught the bottom on this one perfectly, seeing a steady uptrend since our first tag of DRIO.

Hemispherx BioPharma, Inc. HEB

HEB showed continued resilience in coming up off recent lows after appearing in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. The stock would trade in a range from .303-.364 on more than 12x the average volume. That was good for a modest yet solid intraday run of 20% and we’ll continue to keep it on our radar moving forward.

Yesterday’s run was fueled in part by the announcement that the company would be working with USAMRIID (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease) in studying the effectiveness of two drugs against the ebola virus. >>>Read PR Here

Alkame Holdings, Inc. ALKM

We’re observing significant trading action from ALKM in the pre-market this morning, catching it off one of our routine scans. We noticed the company had a notable distribution agreement in Hawaii this morning which you can >>Read Here. One look at the chart shows that ALKM has recently been recovering from its 52-week lows. This is a stock that we will definitely want to put on our radar as we head into mid-week.

Extended Watchlist:

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SAEE, AZC, GOGO & Extended Watchlist

7 Star Entertainment, Inc.  SAEE

SAEE traded sideways yesterday, however we did see a significant amount of volume flow through the stock, to the tune of more than twice the three-month average.

The fact that SAEE didn’t lose any value, and maintained support above a penny is an encouraging sign. We are still on the lookout for further activity on this stock, because as we pointed out yesterday, the chart still looks favorable. A departure from the current holding pattern could certainly lead us to substantial realized gains.

As you can see on the chart below, SAEE is holding support above the 10 and 20DMA’s, and accumulation/distribution is as high as it’s ever been.  We also have an RSI that is registering just below the 50-line, so we’ll be watching for a breach there as well. A PPS break of resistance at .013-.014 could get it there.

All in all, we are still fairly confident in SAEE’s ability to make positive stride from its current level.

Augusta Resources Corp.  AZC

AZC hit our scanners this morning as a potential recovery play. Yesterday the stock tumbled more than 60% from its open just above 1.60, all the way down to the low .60′s. It appears as if we could witness a bounce off of that bottom today as the stock course-corrects following that sell-off.

The huge dip was catalyzed by the announcement that the US Environmental Protection Agency recommended the company’s application for a federal water permit be denied. That effectively puts the company’s plans to build out a copper mining facility on the scrap heap.

Still, whenever we see rapid losses of this magnitude, our thoughts always turn to reaping potential rewards off of the subsequent bounce.


We first began talking about GOGO on September 16th, after which time we witnessed an epic run from 14.79-31.55. Last week brought a consolidation and the stock reached a low of 24.24 earlier this week, where it found support just off of the 10DMA. Now that GOGO is headed back up, we will look for it to retest its recent highs.

Options Trading Idea:
On the options side of things, we are looking at GOGO’s 01/18 $30 Calls. They closed at 2.16 yesterday. Hypothetically, should GOGO break out to new highs by January, reaching 35.00, these Calls could be valued at upwards of $5.00 or better.

Extended Watchlist: